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This page is a translated version of the page Release notes/1.25 and the translation is 84% complete.
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La version 1.25.0 contient une erreur de syntaxe JSON dans l’extension ConfirmEdit. Vous devriez télécharger l’archive 1.25.1 ou une plus récente à la place.
Donner la valeur false à une variable de configuration d’une extension ou d’un habillage dans LocalSettings.php ne remplace pas la valeur par défaut de cette variable avec les versions 1.25.0 et 1.25.1 (T100767). Ce problème a été corrigé dans la version 1.25.2.

Notes de mise à jour de MediaWiki

Rappel de sécurité: Si l'option PHP register_globals est activée, vous devez la désactiver. Médiawiki ne fonctionnera pas dans le cas contraire.

MediaWiki 1.25.6

This is a security release of the MediaWiki 1.25 branch.

Changes since 1.25.5

  • (T123166) Fix fatal error when importing pages to titles which cannot be created, such as invalid titles or titles the user is not allowed to edit.
  • (T122056) Old tokens are remaining valid within a new session
  • (T127114) Login throttle can be tricked using non-canonicalized usernames
  • (T123653) Cross-domain policy regexp is too narrow
  • (T123071) Incorrectly identifying http link in a's href attributes, due to m modifier in regex
  • (T129506) MediaWiki:Gadget-popups.js isn't renderable
  • (T125283) Users occasionally logged in as different users after SessionManager deployment
  • (T103239) Patrol allows click catching and patrolling of any page
  • (T122807) [tracking] Check php crypto primatives
  • (T98313) Graphs can leak tokens, leading to CSRF
  • (T130947) Diff generation should use PoolCounter
  • (T133507) Careless use of $wgExternalLinkTarget is insecure
  • (T132874) API action=move is not rate limited
  • (T110143) strip markers can be used to get around html attribute escaping in (many?) parser tags
  • (T116030) Increase pbkdf2 parameter strengths
  • (T127420) Pbkdf2Password does not check if hash_pbkdf2() succeeded
  • (T126685) Globally throttle password attempts

MediaWiki 1.25.5

This is a maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.25 branch.

Changes since 1.25.4

  • (T121892) Fix fatal error on some Special pages, introduced in 1.25.4.

MediaWiki 1.25.4

This is a security release of the MediaWiki 1.25 branch.

Changes since 1.25.3

  • (T117899) SECURITY: $wgArticlePath can no longer be set to relative paths that do not begin with a slash. This enabled trivial XSS attacks. Configuration values such as "$1" are fine, as are "/wiki/$1". A value such as "$1" or "wiki/$1" is not and will now throw an error.
  • (T119309) SECURITY: Use hash_compare() for edit token comparison
  • (T118032) SECURITY: Don't allow cURL to interpret POST parameters starting with '@' as file uploads
  • (T115522) SECURITY: Passwords generated by User::randomPassword() can no longer be shorter than $wgMinimalPasswordLength
  • (T97897) SECURITY: Improve IP parsing and trimming. Previous behavior could result in improper blocks being issued
  • (T109724) SECURITY: Special:MyPage, Special:MyTalk, Special:MyContributions and related pages no longer use HTTP redirects and are now redirected by MediaWiki
  • (T103237) $wgUseGzip had no effect when using file cache.
  • (T114606) mw.notify was not correctly fixed to the page if initialized while not at the top of the page.
  • Fix issue that breaks HHVM Repo Authorative mode.

MediaWiki 1.25.3

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.25 branch.

Changes since 1.25.2

MediaWiki 1.25.2

Publication de sécurité et de maintenance de la branche 1.25.

Changements depuis la version 1.25.1 (en anglais)

  • (T94116) SECURITY: Compare API watchlist token in constant time
  • (T97391) SECURITY: Escape error message strings in thumb.php
  • (T106893) SECURITY: Don't leak autoblocked IP addresses on Special:DeletedContributions
  • (T102562) Fix InstantCommons parameters to handle the new HTTPS-only policy of Wikimedia Commons.
  • (T100767) Setting a configuration setting for skin or extension to false in LocalSettings.php was not working.
  • (T100635) API action=opensearch json output no longer breaks when $wgDebugToolbar is enabled.
  • (T102522) Using an extension.json or skin.json file which has a "manifest_version" property for 1.26 compatability will no longer trigger warnings.
  • (T86156) Running updateSearchIndex.php will not throw an error as page_restrictions has been added to the locked table list.
  • Special:Version would throw notices if using SVN due to an incorrectly named variable. Add an additional check that an index is defined.

MediaWiki 1.25.1

Cette version est un correctif de bug pour la branche MediaWiki 1.25.

Changements depuis la version 1.25 (anglais)

  • (bogue T100351) Fix syntax errors in extension.json of ConfirmEdit extension

MediaWiki 1.25

MediaWiki 1.25 est la version stable et est recommandée en production.

Changements de configuration

  • $wgPageShowWatchingUsers was removed.
  • $wgLocalVirtualHosts has been added to replace $wgConf ->localVHosts.
  • $wgAntiLockFlags was removed.
  • $wgJavaScriptTestConfig was removed.
  • Edit tokens returned from User::getEditToken may change on every call. Token validity must be checked by passing the user-supplied token to User::matchEditToken rather than by testing for equality with a newly-generated token.
  • (bogue T74951) The UserGetLanguageObject hook may be passed any IContextSource for its $context parameter. Formerly it was documented as receiving a RequestContext specifically.
  • Profiling was restructured and $wgProfiler now requires an 'output' parameter. See StartProfiler.sample for details.
  • $wgMangleFlashPolicy was added to make MediaWiki's mangling of anything that might be a flash policy directive configurable.
  • ApiOpenSearch now supports XML output. The OpenSearchXml extension should no longer be used. If extracts and page images are desired, the TextExtracts and PageImages extensions are required.
  • $wgOpenSearchTemplate is deprecated in favor of $wgOpenSearchTemplates .
  • Edits are now prepared via AJAX as users type edit summaries. This behavior can be disabled via $wgAjaxEditStash .
  • (bogue T46740) The temporary option $wgIncludejQueryMigrate was removed, along with the jQuery Migrate library, as indicated when this option was provided in MediaWiki 1.24.
  • ProfilerStandard and ProfilerSimpleTrace were removed. Make sure that any StartProfiler.php config is updated to reflect this. Xhprof is available for zend/hhvm. Also, for hhvm, one can consider using its xenon profiler.
  • Default value of $wgSVGConverters ['rsvg'] now uses the 'rsvg-convert' binary rather than 'rsvg'.
  • Default value of $wgSVGConverters ['ImageMagick'] now uses transparent background with white fallback color, rather than just white background.
  • MediaWikiBagOStuff class removed, make sure any object cache config uses SqlBagOStuff instead.
  • The 'daemonized' flag must be set to true in $wgJobTypeConf for any redis job queues. This means that mediawiki/services/jobrunner service has to be installed and running for any such queues to work.
  • $wgAutopromoteOnce no longer supports the 'view' event. For keeping some compatibility, any 'view' event triggers will still trigger on 'edit'.
  • $wgExtensionDirectory was added for when your extensions directory is somewhere other than $IP/extensions (as $wgStyleDirectory does with the skins directory).

Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • (bogue T64861) Updated plural rules to CLDR 26. Includes incompatible changes for plural forms in Russian, Prussian, Tagalog, Manx and several languages that fall back to Russian.
  • (bogue T60139) ResourceLoaderFileModule now supports language fallback for 'languageScripts'.
  • Added a new hook, "ContentAlterParserOutput", to allow extensions to modify the parser output for a content object before links update.
  • (bogue T37785) Enhanced recent changes and extended watchlist are now default. Documentation: and$wgDefaultUserOptions .
  • (bogue T69341) SVG images will no longer be base64-encoded when being embedded in CSS. This results in slight size increase before gzip compression (due to percent-encoding), but up to 20% decrease after it.
  • Update jStorage to v0.4.12.
  • MediaWiki now natively supports page status indicators: icons (or short text snippets) usually displayed in the top-right corner of the page. They have been in use on Wikipedia for a long time, implemented using templates and CSS absolute positioning.
  • Edit tokens may now be time-limited: passing a maximum age to User::matchEditToken will reject any older tokens.
  • The debug logging internals have been overhauled, and are now using the PSR-3 interfaces.
  • Update CSSJanus to v1.1.1.
  • Update lessphp to v0.5.0.
  • Added a hook, "ApiOpenSearchSuggest", to allow extensions to provide extracts and images for ApiOpenSearch output. The semantics are identical to the "OpenSearchXml" hook provided by the OpenSearchXml extension.
  • PrefixSearchBackend hook now has an $offset parameter. Combined with $limit, this allows for pagination of prefix results. Extensions using this hook should implement supporting behavior. Not doing so can result in undefined behavior from API clients trying to continue through prefix results.
  • Update jQuery from v1.11.1 to v1.11.3.
  • External libraries installed via composer will now be displayed on Special:Version in their own section. Extensions or skins that are installed via composer will not be shown in this section as it is assumed they will add the proper credits to the skins or extensions section. They can also be accessed through the API via the new siprop=libraries to ApiQuerySiteInfo.
  • Update QUnit from v1.14.0 to v1.16.0.
  • Update Moment.js from v2.8.3 to v2.8.4.
  • Special:Tags now allows for manipulating the list of user-modifiable change tags.
  • Added 'managetags' user right and 'ChangeTagCanCreate', 'ChangeTagCanDelete', and 'ChangeTagCanCreate' hooks to allow for managing user-modifiable change tags.
  • Added 'ChangeTagsListActive' hook, to separate the concepts of "defined" and "active" formerly conflated by the 'ListDefinedTags' hook.
  • Added TemplateParser class that provides a server-side interface to cachable dynamically-compiled Mustache templates (currently uses lightncandy library).
  • Clickable anchors for each section heading in the content are now generated and appear in the gutter on hovering over the heading.
  • Added 'CategoryViewer::doCategoryQuery' and 'CategoryViewer::generateLink' hooks to allow extensions to override how links to pages are rendered within NS_CATEGORY
  • (bogue T19665) Special:WantedPages only lists pages having at least one red link pointing to them.
  • New hooks 'ApiMain::moduleManager' and 'ApiQuery::moduleManager', can be used for conditional registration of API modules.
  • New hook 'EnhancedChangesList::getLogText' to alter, remove or add to the links of a group of changes in EnhancedChangesList.
  • A full interface for StatsD metric reporting has been added to the context interface, reachable via IContextSource::getStats().
  • Move the jQuery Client library from being mastered in MediaWiki as v0.1.0 to a proper, published library, which is now tagged as v1.0.0.
  • A new message (defaulting to blank), 'editnotice-notext', can be shown to users when they are editing if no edit notices apply to the page being edited.
  • (bogue T94536) You can now make the sitenotice appear to logged-in users only by editing MediaWiki:Anonnotice and replacing its content with "". Setting it to "-" (default) will continue disable it and fallback to MediaWiki:Sitenotice.
  • Modifying the tagging of a revision or log entry is now available via Special:EditTags, generally accessed via the revision-deletion-like interface on history pages and Special:Log is likely to be more useful.
  • Added 'applychangetags' and 'changetags' user rights.
  • (bogue T35235) LogFormatter subclasses are now responsible for formatting the parameters for API log event output. Extensions should implement the new getParametersForApi() method in their log formatters.

Bibliothèques externes

  • MediaWiki now requires certain external libraries to be installed. In the past these were bundled inside the Git repository of MediaWiki core, but now they need to be installed separately. For users using the tarball, this will be taken care of and no action will be required. Users using Git will either need to use composer to fetch dependencies or use the mediawiki/vendor repository which includes all dependencies for MediaWiki core and ones used in Wikimedia deployment. Detailed instructions can be found at:
  • The following libraries are now required:

Corrections de bogues

  • (bogue T73003) No additional code will be generated to try to load CSS-embedded SVG images in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, as they don't support them anyway.
  • (bogue T69021) On Special:BookSources, corrected validation of ISBNs (both 10- and 13-digit forms) containing "X".
  • Page moving was refactored into a MovePage class. As part of that:
    • The AbortMove hook was removed.
    • MovePageIsValidMove is for extensions to specify whether a page cannot be moved for technical reasons, and should not be overridden.
    • MovePageCheckPermissions is for checking whether the given user is allowed to make the move.
    • Title::moveNoAuth() was deprecated. Use the MovePage class instead.
    • Title::moveTo() was deprecated. Use the MovePage class instead.
    • Title::isValidMoveOperation() broken down into MovePage::isValidMove() and MovePage::checkPermissions().
  • (bogue T18530) Multiple autocomments are now formatted in an edit summary.
  • (bogue T70361) Autocomments containing "/*" are parsed correctly.
  • The Special:WhatLinksHere page linked from 'Number of redirects to this page' on action=info about a file page does not list file links anymore.
  • (bogue T78637) Search bar is not autofocused unless it is empty so that proper scrolling using arrow keys is possible.
  • (bogue T50853) Database::makeList() modified to handle 'NULL' separately when building IN clause
  • (bogue T85192) Captcha position modified in Usercreate template. As a result:
    • extrafields parameter added to Usercreate.php to insert additional data
    • 'extend' method added to QuickTemplate to append additional values to any field of data array
  • (bogue T86974) Several Title methods now load from the database when necessary (instead of returning incorrect results) even when the page ID is known.
  • (bogue T74070) Duplicate search for archived files on file upload now omits the extension. This requires the fa_sha1 field being populated.
  • Removed rel="archives" from the "View history" link, as it did not pass HTML validation.
  • $wgUseTidy is now set when parserTests are run with the tidy option to match output on wiki.
  • (bogue T37472) update.php will purge ResourceLoader cache unless --nopurge is passed to it.
  • (bogue T72109) mediawiki.language should respect $wgTranslateNumerals in convertNumber().

Modification sur l'API "Action"

  • (bogue T67403) XML tag highlighting is now only performed for formats "xmlfm" and "wddxfm".
  • action=paraminfo supports generalized submodules (modules=query+value), querymodules and formatmodules are deprecated
  • action=paraminfo no longer outputs descriptions and other help text by default. If needed, it may be requested using the new 'helpformat' parameter.
  • action=help has been completely rewritten, and outputs help in HTML rather than plain text.
  • Hitting api.php without specifying an action now displays only the help for the main module, with links to submodule help.
  • API help is no longer displayed on errors.
  • 'uselang' is now a recognized API parameter; "uselang=user" may be used to explicitly select the language from the current user's preferences, and "uselang=content" may be used to select the wiki's content language.
  • Default output format for the API is now jsonfm.
  • Simplified continuation will return a "batchcomplete" property in the result when a batch of pages is complete.
  • Pretty-printed HTML output now has nicer formatting and (if available) better syntax highlighting.
  • Deprecated list=deletedrevs in favor of newly-added prop=deletedrevisions and list=alldeletedrevisions.
  • prop=revisions will gracefully continue when given too many revids or titles, rather than just ignoring the extras.
  • prop=revisions will no longer die if rvcontentformat doesn't match a revision's content model; it will instead warn and omit the content.
  • If the user has the 'deletedhistory' right, action=query's revids parameter will now recognize deleted revids.
  • prop=revisions may be used as a generator, generating revids.
  • (bogue T68776) format=json results will no longer be corrupted when $wgMangleFlashPolicy is in effect. format=php results will cleanly return an error instead of returning invalid serialized data.
  • Generators may now return data for the generated pages when used with action=query.
  • Query page data for generator=search and generator=prefixsearch will now include an "index" field, which may be used by the client for sorting the search results.
  • ApiOpenSearch now supports XML output.
  • ApiOpenSearch will now output descriptions and URLs as array indexes 2 and 3 in JSON format.
  • (bogue T76051) list=tags will now continue correctly.
  • (bogue T76052) list=tags can now indicate whether a tag is defined.
  • (bogue T75522) list=prefixsearch now supports continuation
  • (bogue T78737) action=expandtemplates can now return page properties.
  • (bogue T78690) list=allimages now accepts multiple pipe-separated values for the 'aimime' parameter.
  • prop=info with inprop=protections will now return applicable protection types with the 'restrictiontypes' key.
  • (bogue T85417) When resolving redirects, ApiPageSet will now add the targets of interwiki redirects to the list of interwiki titles.
  • (bogue T85417) When outputting the list of redirect titles, a 'tointerwiki' property (like the existing 'tofragment' property) will be set.
  • Added action=managetags to allow for managing the list of user-modifiable change tags. Actually modifying the tagging of a revision or log entry is not implemented yet.
  • list=tags has additional properties to indicate 'active' status and tag sources.
  • siprop=libraries was added to ApiQuerySiteInfo to list installed external libraries.
  • (bogue T88010) Added action=checktoken, to test a CSRF token's validity.
  • (bogue T88010) Added intestactions to prop=info, to allow querying of Title::userCan() via the API.
  • Default type param for query list=watchlist and list=recentchanges has been changed from all types (e.g. including 'external') to 'edit|new|log'.
  • Added formatversion to format=json. Still "experimental" as further changes to the output formatting might still be made.
  • (bogue T73020) Log event details are now always under a 'params' subkey for list=logevents, and a 'logparams' subkey for list=watchlist and list=recentchanges.
  • Log event details are changing formatting:
    • block events now report flags as an array rather than as a comma-separated list.
    • patrol events now report the 'auto' flag as a boolean (absent/empty string for BC formats) rather than as an integer.
    • rights events now report the old and new group lists as arrays rather than as comma-separated lists.
    • merge events use new-style formatting.
    • delete/event and delete/revision events use new-style formatting.
  • The root node and various other nodes will now always be an object in formats such as json that distinguish between arrays and objects.
    • Except for action=opensearch where the spec requires an array.

Modification internes de l'API "Action"

  • ApiHelp has been rewritten to support i18n and paginated HTML output. Most existing modules should continue working without changes, but should do the following:
    • Add an i18n message "apihelp-{$moduleName}-description" to replace getDescription().
    • Add i18n messages "apihelp-{$moduleName}-param-{$param}" for each parameter to replace getParamDescription(). If necessary, the settings array returned by getParams() can use the new ApiBase::PARAM_HELP_MSG key to override the message.
    • Implement getExamplesMessages() to replace getExamples().
  • Modules with submodules (like action=query) must have their submodules override ApiBase::getParent() to return the correct parent object.
  • The 'APIGetDescription' and 'APIGetParamDescription' hooks are deprecated, and will have no effect for modules using i18n messages. Use 'APIGetDescriptionMessages' and 'APIGetParamDescriptionMessages' instead.
  • Api formatters will no longer be asked to display the help screen on errors.
  • ApiMain::getCredits() was removed. The credits are available in the 'api-credits' i18n message.
  • ApiFormatBase has been changed to support i18n and syntax highlighting via extensions with the new 'ApiFormatHighlight' hook. Core syntax highlighting has been removed.
  • ApiFormatBase now always buffers. Output is done when ApiFormatBase::closePrinter is called.
  • Much of the logic in ApiQueryRevisions has been split into ApiQueryRevisionsBase.
  • The 'revids' parameter supplied by ApiPageSet will now count deleted revisions as "good" if the user has the 'deletedhistory' right. New methods ApiPageSet::getLiveRevisionIDs() and ApiPageSet::getDeletedRevisionIDs() are provided to access just the live or just the deleted revids.
  • Added ApiPageSet::setGeneratorData() and ApiPageSet::populateGeneratorData() to allow generators to include data in the action=query result.
  • New hooks 'ApiMain::moduleManager' and 'ApiQuery::moduleManager', can be used for conditional registration of API modules.
  • Added ApiBase::lacksSameOriginSecurity() to allow modules to easily check if the current request was sent with the 'callback' parameter (or any future method that breaks the same-origin policy).
  • Profiling methods in ApiBase are deprecated and no longer need to be called.
  • ApiResult was greatly overhauled. See inline documentation for details.
  • ApiResult will automatically convert objects to strings or arrays (depending on whether a __toString() method exists on the object), and will refuse to add unsupported value types.
    • An informal interface, ApiSerializable, exists to override the default object conversion.
  • ApiResult/ApiFormatBase "raw mode" is deprecated.
  • ApiFormatXml now assumes defaults and so on instead of throwing errors when metadata isn't set.
  • (bogue T35235) LogFormatter subclasses are now responsible for formatting log event parameters for the API.
  • Many modules have changed result data formats. While this shouldn't affect clients not using the experimental formatversion=2, code using ApiResult::getResultData() without the transformations for backwards compatibility may need updating, as will code that wasn't following the old conventions for API boolean output.
  • The following methods have been deprecated and may be removed in a future release:
    • ApiBase::getDescription
    • ApiBase::getParamDescription
    • ApiBase::getExamples
    • ApiBase::makeHelpMsg
    • ApiBase::makeHelpArrayToString
    • ApiBase::makeHelpMsgParameters
    • ApiBase::getModuleProfileName
    • ApiBase::profileIn
    • ApiBase::profileOut
    • ApiBase::safeProfileOut
    • ApiBase::getProfileTime
    • ApiBase::profileDBIn
    • ApiBase::profileDBOut
    • ApiBase::getProfileDBTime
    • ApiBase::getResultData
    • ApiFormatBase::setUnescapeAmps
    • ApiFormatBase::getWantsHelp
    • ApiFormatBase::setHelp
    • ApiFormatBase::formatHTML
    • ApiFormatBase::setBufferResult
    • ApiFormatBase::getDescription
    • ApiFormatBase::getNeedsRawData
    • ApiMain::setHelp
    • ApiMain::reallyMakeHelpMsg
    • ApiMain::makeHelpMsgHeader
    • ApiResult::setRawMode
    • ApiResult::getIsRawMode
    • ApiResult::getData
    • ApiResult::setElement
    • ApiResult::setContent
    • ApiResult::setIndexedTagName_recursive
    • ApiResult::setIndexedTagName_internal
    • ApiResult::setParsedLimit
    • ApiResult::beginContinuation
    • ApiResult::setContinueParam
    • ApiResult::setGeneratorContinueParam
    • ApiResult::endContinuation
    • ApiResult::size
    • ApiResult::convertStatusToArray
    • ApiQueryImageInfo::getPropertyDescriptions
    • ApiQueryLogEvents::addLogParams
  • The following classes have been deprecated and may be removed in a future release:
    • ApiQueryDeletedrevs

Langues mises à jour

MediaWiki supporte plus de 350 langues. Beaucoup de localisations sont mises à jour régulièrement. Ci dessous sont listées seulement les nouvelles langues et les langues supprimées, ainsi que les changements dus à des rapports de bugs.

  • Languages added:
    • awa (अवधी / Awadhi), thanks to translator 1AnuraagPandey;
    • bgn (بلوچی رخشانی / Western Balochi), thanks to translators Baloch Afghanistan, Ibrahim khashrowdi and Rachitrali;
    • ses (Koyraboro Senni), thanks to translator Songhay.
  • (bogue T66440) Kazakh (kk) wikis should no longer forcefully reset the user's interface language to kk where unexpected.
  • The Chinese conversion table was substantially updated to fix a lot of bugs and ensure better reading experience for different variants.

Autres modifications

  • (bogue T45591) Links to translatable help were added to indicators, mostly in special pages. Local custom target titles can be placed in the relevant '(namespace-X|action name|special page name)-helppage' system message. Extensions can use the addHelpLink() function to do the same.
  • The skin autodiscovery mechanism, deprecated in MediaWiki 1.23, has been removed. See for migration guide for creators and users of custom skins that relied on it.
  • JavaScript variables 'wgFileCanRotate' and 'wgFileExtensions' now only available on Special:Upload.
  • (bogue T58257) Set site logo from mediawiki.skinning.interface module instead of inline styles in the HTML.
  • Removed ApiQueryUsers::getAutoGroups(). (deprecated since 1.20)
  • Removed XmlDumpWriter::schemaVersion(). (deprecated since 1.20)
  • Removed LogEventsList::getDisplayTitle(). (deprecated since 1.20)
  • Removed Preferences::trySetUserEmail(). (deprecated since 1.20)
  • Removed and mw.user.anonymous() methods. (deprecated since 1.20)
  • Removed 'ok' and 'err' parameters in the mediawiki.api modules. (deprecated since 1.20)
  • Removed 'async' parameter from the mw.Api#getCategories() method. (deprecated since 1.20)
  • Removed 'jquery.json' module. (deprecated since 1.24) Use the 'json' module and global JSON object instead.
  • Deprecated OutputPage::readOnlyPage() and OutputPage::rateLimited(). Also, the former will now throw an MWException if called with one or more arguments.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed hitcounters and associated code.
  • The "temp" zone of the upload respository is now considered private. If it already exists (such as under the images/ directory), please make sure that the directory is not web readable (e.g. via a .htaccess file).
  • BREAKING CHANGE: In the XML dump format used by Special:Export and dumpBackup.php, the <model> and <format> tags now apprear before the <text> tag, instead of after the <text> and <sha1> tags. The new schema version is 0.10, the new schema URI is:
  • MWFunction::call() and MWFunction::callArray() were removed, having being deprecated in 1.22.
  • Deprecated the getInternalLinkAttributes, getInternalLinkAttributesObj, and getInternalLinkAttributes methods in Linker, and removed getExternalLinkAttributes method, which was deprecated in MediaWiki 1.18.
  • Removed Sites class, which was deprecated in 1.21 and replaced by SiteSQLStore.
  • Added wgRelevantArticleId to the client-side config, for use on special pages.
  • Deprecated the TitleIsCssOrJsPage hook. Superseded by the ContentHandlerDefaultModelFor hook since MediaWiki 1.21.
  • Deprecated the TitleIsWikitextPage hook. Superseded by the ContentHandlerDefaultModelFor hook since MediaWiki 1.21.
  • Changed parsing of variables in schema (.sql) files:
    • The substituted values are no longer parsed. (Formerly, several passes were made for each variable, so depending on the order in which variables were defined, variables might have been found inside encoded values. This is no longer the case.)
    • Variables are no longer string encoded when the /*$var*/ syntax is used. If string encoding is necessary, use the '{$var}' syntax instead.
    • Variable names must only consist of one or more of the characters "A-Za-z0-9_".
    • In source text of the form '{$A}'{$B}' or `{$A}`{$B}`, where variable A does not exist yet variable B does, the latter may not be replaced. However, this difference is unlikely to arise in practice.
  • (bogue T67278) RFC, PMID, and ISBN "magic links" must be surrounded by non-word characters on both sides.
  • The FormatAutocomments hook will now receive $pre and $post as booleans, rather than as strings that must be prepended or appended to $comment.
  • (bogue T30950, bogue T31025) RFC, PMID, and ISBN "magic links" can no longer contain newlines; but they can contain   and other non-newline whitespace.
  • The 'mediawiki.action.edit' ResourceLoader module no longer generates the edit toolbar, which has been moved to a separate 'mediawiki.toolbar' module. If you relied on this behavior, update your scripts' dependencies.
  • HTMLForm's 'vform' display style has been separated to a subclass. Therefore: * HTMLForm::isVForm() is now deprecated. * You can no longer do this: $form = new HTMLForm( … ); $form->setDisplayFormat( 'vform' ); // throws exception Instead, do this: $form = HTMLForm::factory( 'vform', … );
  • Deprecated Revision methods getRawUser(), getRawUserText() and getRawComment().
  • BREAKING CHANGE: mediawiki.user.generateRandomSessionId: The alphabet of the prior string returned was A-Za-z0-9 and now it is 0-9A-F
  • (bogue T87504) Avoid serving SVG background-images in CSS for Opera 12, which renders them incorrectly when combined with border-radius or background-size.
  • Removed maintenance script dumpSisterSites.php.
  • DatabaseBase class constructors must be called using the array argument style. Ideally, DatabaseBase:factory() should be used instead in most cases.
  • Deprecated ParserOutput::addSecondaryDataUpdate and ParserOutput::getSecondaryDataUpdates. This is a hard deprecation, with getSecondaryDataUpdates returning an empty array and addSecondaryDataUpdate throwing an exception. These functions will be removed in 1.26, since they interfere with caching of ParserOutput objects.
  • Introduced new hook 'SecondaryDataUpdates' that allows extensions to inject custom updates.
  • Introduced new hook 'OpportunisticLinksUpdate' that allows extensions to perform updates when a page is re-rendered.
  • EditPage::attemptSave has been modified not to call handleStatus itself and instead just returns the Status object. Extension calling it should be aware of this.
  • Removed class DBObject. (unused since 1.10)
  • wfDiff() is deprecated.
  • The -m (maximum replication lag) option of refreshLinks.php was removed. It had no effect since MediaWiki 1.18 and should be removed from any cron jobs or similar scripts you may have set up.
  • (bogue T85864) The following messages no longer support raw html: redirectto, thisisdeleted, viewdeleted, editlink, retrievedfrom, version-poweredby-others, retrievedfrom, thisisdeleted, viewsourcelink, lastmodifiedat, laggedslavemode, protect-summary-cascade
  • All BloomCache related code has been removed. This was largely experimental.
  • $wgResourceModuleSkinStyles no longer supports per-module local or remote paths. They can only be set for the entire skin.
  • Removed global function swap(). (deprecated since 1.24)
  • Deprecated the ".php5" file extension entry points and the $wgScriptExtension configuration variable. Refer to the ".php" files instead. If you want ".php5" URLs to continue to work, set up redirects. In Apache, this can be done by enabling mod_rewrite and adding the following rules to your configuration:
   RewriteEngine On
   RewriteBase /
   RewriteRule ^(.*)\.php5 $1.php [R=301,L]
  • The global importScriptURI and importStylesheetURI functions, as well as the loadedScripts object, from wikibits.js (deprecated since 1.17) now emit warnings through mw.log.warn when accessed.


MediaWiki 1.25 nécessite PHP version 5.3.3 ou ultérieure. Il y a un support expérimental pour HHVM 3.3.0.

MySQL est le moteur de base de données recommandé. PostgreSQL ou SQLite sont aussi utilisables, mais le support est quelque peu moins mature. Il existe un support expérimental pour Oracle et Microsoft SQL Server.

Les versions supportées sont :

  • MySQL 5.0.3+
  • PostgreSQL 8.3+
  • SQLite 3.3.7+
  • Oracle 9.0.1+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (9.00.1399)


La version 1.25 a reçu plusieurs modifications de la base de données par rapport à la version 1.24 et ne fonctionnera pas sans mises à jour des schémas. Veuillez noter que les modifications appliquées aux tables fournies comme la table de révision impliqueront un temps assez important de mise à jour (de quelques minutes sur un site de taille moyenne à plusieurs heures pour un site de taille conséquente).

Si vous mettez à jour depuis une version antérieur à la 1.11, et si vous utilisez un wiki comme dépot multimédia (comme commons), assurez vous de le mettre également à jour. Autrement, vous pourriez avoir des erreurs liées aux changements de schémas de la base de données.

Si vous mettez à jour depuis une version antérieure à là 1.7, vous pourriez avoir à lancer refreshLinks.php pour être sûrs que les champs de la base de données sont bien remplis.

Si vous effectuez une mise à jour depuis une version 1.4.x ou antérieure, vous devriez tout d'abord effectuer une première mise à jour vers la version 1.5. Le script de mise à jour maintenance/upgrade1_5.php a été retiré depuis la version 1.21

N'oubliez pas de toujours faire une sauvegarde de votre base de données avant de faire une mise à jour !

Lisez le fichier UPGRADE (en anglais) pour de plus amples instructions concernant la mise à jour.

Pour les notes concernant les versions 1.24.x et antérieurs, voir HISTORY (en anglais).

Documentation en ligne

La documentation à la fois pour les utilisateurs et pour les administrateurs de site est disponible sur, et est distribuée sous licence GNU Free Documentation License (exceptée les pages qui sont explicitement placées dans le domaine public):

Liste de diffusion

Une liste de diffusion est disponible pour le support utilisateur MediaWiki et les discussions:

Une liste à faible volume destinée uniquement aux annonces est aussi disponible:

Il vous est fortement recommandé de vous inscrire à l'une de ces listes dans le cas où vous souhaiteriez lancer un MediaWiki public afin de recevoir les corrections liées à la sécurité.

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