Release branching

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Creating a new REL branch[edit]

Create the new branch using in the mediawiki/tools/release repository. simply takes the [major].[minor].[patch] version number as an argument:

For example:

$ ./ 1.34.0

Should do the following:

  1. Create a new REL1_34 branch for extensions, skins, and vendor listed in the wmf bundle under settings.yaml, starting at the tip of the latest WMF-deployed branch (e.g. wmf/1.34.0-wmf.25).
  2. Branch all remaining extensions and skins for active repos in Gerrit, starting at the tip of origin/master.
  3. Branch mediawiki/core, starting at the tip of the latest WMF-deployed branch.
  4. Submits a patchset for review with changes to core:
    1. Removing existing submodules that were added prior to WMF deployment.
    2. Adding new submodules for every extension/skin in the base bundle from settings.yaml.
    3. Setting the $wgVersion to [version]-rc.0.