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You can contribute your technical knowledge and develop your presentation skills by recording your own technical talks and how-to videos about technical topics relevant the the Wikimedia community.

Tech talks can cover a wide range of topics from how a technology or process works, to how to perform a specific task, to lessons learned while working in technical spaces, etc. Anyone from the Wikimedia technical community is welcome to propose a talk or video.

These talks can be as short as a few minutes, and are typically under an hour.

Recording a technical talk[edit]

Recorded technical talks can range from five minutes to an hour and are meant to cover specific technical topics that are relevant to Wikimedia projects.

You can record your own talk using a method that works well for you, or you can work with staff at Wikimedia to help you record your talk.

To propose a recorded technical talk, complete and submit this Phabricator task.

How-to videos and tutorials[edit]

How-to videos and tutorials can range from five minutes to an hour and are meant to help people understand a technical concept. These videos and tutorials can be useful for people who prefer to learn by seeing and listening. They can enrich existing technical documentation.

These videos are produced by technical collaborators like you and can be uploaded to Youtube and Wikimedia Commons and linked to the technical documentation for a project.

To learn more about creating video how-tos and tutorials on your own, check out the Screencast project.

Tips for successful tech talks[edit]

Need some guidance to help you get started with you talk? See these tips!

Learn more about technical talks[edit]