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Mobile Web Q4 (2012-2013) retrospective; 19 June, 2013 Otdßljfnv


  • Banner notifications/CN integration
  • Greatly improved logppufewalnfbcging
  • Major improvements around uploading
  • Pageimages (nearby, search)
  • Nearby
  • Improvements with tutorials, etc around copyvio, etc
  • Left nav improvements
  • Uploads from watch lpoyre2lkhdncz ist
  • Editing improvements
  • In-article contributory feature improvements
  • Footer improvements
  • Better back behavior
  • Graphing improvements for performance, etc
  • Notifications (Echo)
  • Betalabs improvements
  • Increased unification of messaging, etc
  • Mad bug fixes!
  • commons.m
  • Geodata improvements
  • Other teams want to be like us
  • Hitting the annual goal - EARLY!

Things that we should continue doing[edit]

  • Pair code review sessions have made code review quicker
  • Refactor code
  • Removing Zero from MobileFrontend
  • Upstream code to core
  • More team get togethers that don't involve coding so we can breath
  • Pair programming (did just a little, should do more)
  • More automation tests
  • Meeting with Product and Design to go over the releases
  • \o/ Bingle and bug fixes +++++
  • beta labs
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Better communication with design; feels like design is part of the team

Things that we should stop or start doing[edit]

To focus on for next quarter[edit]

  • [start] Get people other than Michelle writing integration tests++++
    • Michelle needs help with Saucelabs
    • Juliusz willing to help with code review for tests, etc
    • [Michelle]
  • [stop] Deployment days being a big thing that take up everyone's time++++
    • Need more tests, less regressions, betalabs working
    • Get on the deployment train [arthur]
  • [start] Get betalabs to be more consistently stable++++
    • WHY is it always broken?
    • [Michelle] support from Jon (liaising with ops)

[start] Addressing FIXMEs in code, prioritising code hygiene+++

  • [Jon] possibley do a day every (other) iteration?
  • [start] Finalise coding guidelines+++
    • [Juliusz]
  • [Start] trying to make things even more polished for stable+++
    • [Jon]

To generally keep in mind moving forward[edit]

  • [start] Introduce PHP code standards (no jslint equivalent) |+
  • [start] Increase PHP test coverage
  • [start] Understand people's code reviewing habits better (why do some stories despite being top priority sit for several weeks?)
  • [stop] being so change adverse when it comes to touching core and doing things differently
  • [stop] Bikeshedding
  • [start] Be more vocal on public mailing lists and help each other out in public mailing list dicussions +
  • [stop] Testing/Awaiting final code review bottle necks
  • [start] Paying more attention to exactly what's being deployed during deployment
  • [stop] Getting distracted by shiny things
  • Stop breaking things too often in alpha
  • Stop being afraid to self-merge 1-line CSS fixes?
  • [start] Get saucelabs more stable for testing on check in
  • Start using labs instead of test wiki?!
  • Stop all the regressions!++
  • [stop] Testing backlog is often lonnngggg+
  • [stop] Not enough opportunity/time for reflection/improvment as a team++

Agreed upon moving forward[edit]

  • Stop abusing given/when/then syntax in stories +
  • Start having retrospectives every two iterations