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Events of Last Iteration[edit]

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (11/24/14-12/05/14)[edit]

Notable events:

  • Thanksgiving Holiday (11/27-28)


  • Rob out 12/1 & 12/5
  • Jon out 11/25-26 + 12/1-2
  • Sam out (baby stuff)!

Points carried over from previous iteration: 19 Points attempted: 60 Points completed:

Velocity chart:

Actions from last retrospective:

  • Schedule a meeting for the team to talk to Damon about some of the challenges we are facing as we try to "move faster and stay current"; set agenda, get it scheduled! [Moiz/Kaldari]
    • Did not have time to do
    • will do this this sprint
  • Set up a meeting to talk about bug triage with Phabricator [KRISTEN] Done
  • Help figure out devices and browsers for Specialist's Guild to focus on (send out list that Leila generated) [JOAQUIN] Done

What's been working well?[edit]

  • Absences help us perform better ;-)
    • less toe-stepping
    • come back more refreshed
    • argument for smaller teams
  • Absences made the heart grow fonder ^
  • We're trending towards the same estimates – may have been because of the tequila esimation game
  • Tequila estimation games
  • Phabricator
    • much better than bugzilla
  • jscs project love us (i think :P)
  • meetings earlier in day

What hasn't worked well?[edit]

  • Too many meetings
    • middle of day meetings are worst
  • Responding to e-mails / engagement in wikitech-l /e-mails in general. ++++
  • Thousands of emails
    • Phab is spammy; Phab has fine-grained prefs to help with this+
  • UI standardisation work feeding into mobile web e.g. icons
  • non-i18n approach

What is confusing?[edit]

  • When are we going to work on stuff that's at least theoretically localizable? +++++++
    • concern that this will slow as down later
    • no i18n until we figure out which version of WikiGrok we are using
    • Moiz: from product POV- we made decisions early on to only do this for en; this is a very experimental project, kept scope narrow to control the variables
    • internationalization would come after we decide what we're doing
    • Kaldari brought up early that WG v. a may not even be localizable at all (discussed thoroughly w/Siebrand); we decided to proceed and try it anyway; maybe we'll have a different version of WG on different wikis?
    • WikiGrok is so danm popular that we NEED to have it on all wikis = a good problem to have; at that point we'd circle back wih Siebrand/i18n crew
    • we knew the risks when we started out
    • Bring this up in Q3 planning/project retro after WG is derployed [ACTION: KL]
  • When is something product and when is something dev backlog? Where's the line.
  • Are we doing an A/B test or not? What code can we safely change? +++++
    • Latest plan: deploying WG to stable on T for testing; if al goes well, truning on W for 1 week (off the following W)
    • we are CLEAR after W
    • Action: KALDARI send email (also results of first A/B test)
  • Do we still have ioS editing bugs?
    • Kaldari thinks these are all fixed :-)
  • Are we deploying weekly these days like we said we would/got permission to?
    • every week that's not an A/B test
  • K-Phab? K-bot K-9+
  • We should switch to phabricator from trello, especially with its new column layout. Do we need trello?+++++++++
    • Phab still clunkin'
    • Contribute to Phab? (dev backlog tasks?)
    • Maryana should be involved in this convo
    • Moiz: Phab is something we'll have to do eventually so maybe we switch before holidays
    • XMAS with Phab?????!!!!!!
    • document what we don't like (and maybe do like) {Action: Jon start convo on mailing list}
  • Deployment process in general