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Events of Last 2 Iterations[edit]

Armageddon (7/14/2014-7/28/2014)[edit]

Notable events:

  *Kristen starts
  *Code review conversation, deciding to retrospectives every iteration



Points carried over from previous iteration: Points attempted: 29 Points completed: 13

Brazil [n the Hood] (7/28/2014-8/18/2014)[edit]

Notable events:

  *Wikimania (three-week Sprint)
  *Adam's baby
  *Juliusz announces...


  *Max, Kaldari, and Maryana at Wikimania for most of Sprint
  *Arthur sick 8/4-8/5

Points carried over from previous iteration: 0 Points attempted: 16 Points completed: 11

What's been working well?[edit]

What hasn't worked well?[edit]

  • Forgot about lightning deploy after Wikimania
    • Suggestion: if there are unusual scheduling issues around a deploy event (eg wikimania) throw up a calendar reminder
  • mediawiki-vagrant has been really unreliable lately
    • Dan Duvall is involved, but not "the leader"
    • Flow guys are having issues too
    • ACTION!: escalate to RobLa [Juliusz]
  • Beta labs has been very unreliable
    • This was disappointing during Wikimania
    • ACTION: Release/QA team "own" Beta labs (we think); greg-g would be a good person to raise this with [Maryana]
  • We're still working on VisualEditor+1 (reated to previous two) [Maryana]

What confuses?[edit]

    • How are we going to do things with 0.6 frontend developers? :(
    • Velocity will take a hit in September/Q1 (maybe Q2)
    • ACTION: May need to rope Jon in for code review [Kaldari] DONE
  • How's the hiring going?
    • Bahodir starts 9/8: ask Tomasz about how firm that is, ask if he can fly in for a week or two
    • May have some of JuJu's time (PT) from Poland, if his Mom agrees
  • What's going on with the QA/browser test issues? Who will care about this when Juju leaves...?

ACTION: raise concerns to Tomasz and ask for clarity [Kristen]

Carried over from last retrospective:

ACTION! Kaldari to organize a meeting with relevant players to come up with concrete next steps on moving forward the template RFC conversation