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General information[edit]

Team uses two IRC channels:

  • #wikimedia-reading-web - an private/invitation only channel for all Reading web team members. Channel allows only identified users.
  • #wikimedia-reading-web-bots - a public channel for notifications

Every user who connects to #wikimedia-reading-web gets OP permissions and has access to invite other members to a private channel.

Current invitation list[edit]

  • bmansurov
  • ollie_v
  • joakino
  • jdlrobson
  • phuedx
  • maxbinder
  • raynor
  • niedzielski
  • nzr


I cannot access #wikimedia-reading-web channel.[edit]

Please verify that you're logged to IRC using your nick (see nicks above). If your nick is not on the list please contact any team member over IRC.

I get an error "Cannot join channel - you need to be identified with services[edit]

Please identify yourself with NickServ by executing following command:

/msg NickServ identify YOUR_PASSWORD

It's a common case for IRCCloud to forget your identification. In that scenario, you just have to identify yourself once again. For more information please go to Nickname registration

Obtain OP status[edit]

Execute following command: /msg ChanServ OP #wikimedia-reading-web YOUR_NICK

Someone wants to join the channel but I don't know how to invite[edit]

First, please get the OP status from ChanServ and then execute the following command:

/msg ChangServ ACCESS #wikimedia-reading-web ADD NICK_NAME SOP


For other inquires please reach User:PMiazga_(WMF) on IRC (nick: raynor).