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  • Consider whether an existing services repo can be used. Note you should be thinking 6 weeks ahead of deploy about when and how you want to deploy this.
  • Setup a new git repo for the code e.g. mediawiki/services/<name>
    • You'll need to request a deploy repo mediawiki/services/<name>/deploy
  • Clone the service template
  • It has got most of the things you need to get started - it exposes endpoints, and it's easy to add your own; it allows you to interact with RESTBase and the MW action API in an easy manner; and it also has a load of goodies that come in handy once the service is in production: a streamlined build and deployment process, logging and metrics collection, scaling, etc. You can read a bit more about it in the documentation.
  • Write the service
  • Deploy the service

Further reading[edit]

Phabricator task for setting up the trending repo