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Setting up a staging environment for the Proton project is markedly similar to setting up a staging environment for MobileFrontend.

Differences from setting up MobileFrontend staging environment[edit]

Set up the instance[edit]

ssh to the instance and run the following commands:

sudo puppet agent -tv
cd /srv/mediawiki-vagrant
vagrant roles enable offline
# For testing printing RTL language pages to PDF.
vagrant roles enable interwiki
# The proverbial kitchen sink.
vagrant roles enable cite parserfunctions scribunto
vagrant up --provision

Fetching page content from the Wikipedias[edit]

The PDF renderer can be configured for fetch page content from a Wikipedia via RESTBase by adding the following to /vagrant/settings.d/10-VirtualRestConfig.php:


$wgVirtualRestConfig['modules']['restbase'] = [
  'url' => '',
  'domain' => '',
  'forwardCookies' => false,
  'fixedUrl' => true,
] + $wgVirtualRestConfig['modules']['restbase'];