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Creating the branch[edit]

Creating a remote branch requires using the Gerrit UI. Locate the project and at the bottom click `create branch` (assuming you have access) and add 'dev'. If there is an existing one, you may want to delete the existing one before doing to this, to make sure your dev branch is based on the current state of master.

Making new patches go to the dev branch[edit]

In the master branch edit the `.gitreview` file so that the default branch is now dev (this by default is master)

Generating the first release[edit]

Update the version number to a fair version number (1.0.0 being a first major release) and generate release notes as documented and push to the master branch using `git review master`.

Dealing with existing patches on the master branch[edit]

You can cherry pick patches in the Gerrit UI from master to dev but this will assign you as the creator. It's best advised to socially request people resubmit their patches to the dev branch.