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How often do you visit Wikipedia?

Multiple times a day

Once a day

Once a week

Once a month

It’s my first time visiting Wikipedia

Does the Wikipedia website feel welcoming?

It never feels welcoming

It rarely feels welcoming

It sometimes feels welcoming

It often feels welcoming

It always feels welcoming

Does the Wikipedia website feel overwhelming?

It never feels overwhelming

It rarely feels overwhelming

It feels overwhelming sometimes

It feels overwhelming often

It always feels overwhelming

How much do you trust the information presented on Wikipedia?

I don’t trust Wikipedia

I rarely trust Wikipedia

I sometimes trust Wikipedia

I often trust Wikipedia

I always trust Wikipedia

Compared to other websites you visit frequently, do you trust the information on Wikipedia

A lot less than other websites

A bit less than other websites

As much as other websites

A bit more than other websites

A lot more than other websites

How difficult is it to find the information you’re looking for?

It’s easy to find what I am looking for

A few things can be difficult to find

Most things can be difficult to find

I can never find the things I am looking for

Just browsing - I don’t look for particular information

The questions are written in the masculine gender, but the survey is intended for people of all genders