Random ideas for rollback to be shelved and forgotten about

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Rollback is pretty damn contentious on certain wikis.



  • User group (given out by bureaucrats or admins)
  • Automatic (via autoconfirmed or the newer AutoPromote)
  • Given to everyone without a new user group



  • Rate limits
    • Possible settings (10 per minute for non-admins)
  • No UI for non-admins (require JS implementation)

Actual implementation[edit]


  • Remove undo and give everyone some type of rollback
  • Use JS (with non-JS fall back) to provide some sort of place to input a custom edit summary or leave default
    • Have a user pref to force a rollback edit summary
    • Use a &bot=1-esque feature to allow a custom summary on mass rollbacks for admins
  • If having a UI, where to put (or not put) links
    • History tab
    • Special:Contributions
    • Diff pages - essential
  • Have checkboxes to do mass rollbacks (including the option to have a custom edit summary with them)

Splarka proposal[edit]

  • On diff pages, two links:
    • Auto rollback – the same rollback has always been (no configurable edit summary, immediate results)
    • Manual rollback – manual interstitials for &Summary=
    • Possible JS enhancement:
      • Allow prompt() to essentially merge the two links into one
      • Dialog pops up with the default edit summary in an input box; user choose to fill in a customize summary or click OK
  • On Special:Contributions:
    • Have a cascading edit summary similar to current &bot=1 option
    • Something like &rollbacksummary=Foo_bar_bazz that modifies all the rollback links on the page
    • Possible JS enhancement:
      • Allow live modification of &Summary without a reload
      • Slightly quicker and keeps behavior closer to older behavior
  • On history tabs:
    • Have two links, similar to diff pages


  • Use $wgLockDb until the users fall in line