Quality Assurance SIG/20180921

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Attendees: Greg, Zeljko, Elena, Erik, JR



* QA Career path

* Code Health Metrics Working Group


* Continued work against quarterly goals

* Using git-effort to help assess which repos we should prioritize e2e test creation


* Filters project adopted from Community Tech.  Fast paced project.

* Team is currently in planning stages.

* working as mentor in (what's it called again?)


* having issue with some potential scaling problems and not clear how to get that into test.

* Greg: maybe chaos monkey would help.

* Zeljko: just architect the code so that can't happen, duh....

* We are the largest full text search implementation of ES.


* on the road again....  Traveling with family

* QA roles and strategy bash w/JR

* Staging:  Kinda stuck on what IT is.  

Zeljko: Is there anything we want to do with our meeting besides what we're doing now.  Perhaps lightening talks, etc...

For the next couple of meetings we'll try some lightening talks, perhaps one on code health metrics.