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3 -16-18[edit]

Attendees: JR, Erik, Anthony, Zeljko


  • "Daylight savings - wrong on so many levels.  It's like 'WWW' in your url." - Zeljko
    • Sunshine Protection Act - Erik
  • Small businesses in Croatia
    • paying travel insurance tax to Croatia upon return from business travel.  
    • Interesting mix of capitalism and legacy socialist/communist laws.
    • in US vertical marketing != owning a company  


  • suggestions on how he can get reviewers to engage.  Program coming to a close and would like to meet his deadline.
  • Communication between teams regarding selenium.  How does he get people to reach out to him regarding things they are doing, especially when different.  


  • Incident reviews - over the last week the RelEng team has been analyzing the incident documentation to see what trends we've seen for 2017/18.  The incident data seems to indicate that a majority of incidents are the result of non-deployment issues (HW, infrastructure outages, etc...).  Of those that are deployment, it appears that the puppet deployment method has most of the incidents.  
    • Erik: The incident process is inherently an operations process, perhaps reviewing "Unbreak now" tasks/bugs would provide a more software centric view of things.    
  • Deployment pipeline for Mobile apps, how does it work? As we move towards a continous delivery model, processes and behaviours may not fit too well with the mobile (App store) deployment model.  
    • Anthony: Josh and Charlotte are probably better to talk to about this, but at a high level the deployments are data/release driven.  They enter into a Beta phase and are then make public.  There is movement towards managing updates within the app though.          


  • A bit of a slowdown
  • 'Page Previews' went out
  • Cleaning up testcases for the Specialist Guild
    • JR: how do we track our manual test cases
      • Anthony: Google sheets.  
    • Anthony: how do we track selenium results?
      • JR:We really don't, outside of what Jenkins tracks.
      • Zeljko: We don't have any "dashboard" for historical views, but in the past Antoine did archive the data.  Nobody was interested so he stopped doing it.  If we did have a dashboard,it would have to provide value that people could/would act on.  Perhaps something that could come out of the Code Health Group.  


  • we ran out of time :-(   
  • Zeljko apologized for spending too much time on Daylight savings topic