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  • Checkin - All
    • Everyone shares what QA-related things they are currently working on, any issues they are facing with it (where they need help), and any plans for what they'll be working on next.

JR: Overview of what he's been working on. One of the challenges being encountered is bug reporting. As Phabricator doesn't current distinguish between task type, it's difficult to see/query on bugs. This may not have much of an impact on project management, but makes it difficult to assess quality practices and their effectiveness.

Anthony: the iOS team has some QA specific fields that are used to communicate the need of QA engagement.

Currently the approach is to look for tags that various teams are using to identify tasks as bugs. These could be used to create a query/report. We'll see how that works.

  • General discussion time
    • Bring up things you are thinking about but aren't necessarily working on

Elena: Always looking to determine what activities she should be engaged in that benefit quality the most. i.e., should she be spending time reviewing things after they've been deployed.

Risk Assessment

- Prior to release

   greg: RelEng looks to the teams to make that assessment and decided whether or not things get merged to master.  

- To determine what level of testing needs to occur

   This assessment is generally done my QA, however not all teams have dedicated QA resources.
   Erik: In his team, the assessment isn't formal, but is done by him and his peers.  It's kinda a gut check.  
   JR: This works well in teams where testing is valued as part of development.  A necessary activity.  

JR: It seems like the topic of Risk Assessment is of interest and could warrant further discussion. May make sense to branch that off of this team to discuss more.