Quality Assurance SIG/20161216

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  • Introductions/purpose (First meeting only) - Greg
  • Checkin - All
    • Everyone shares what QA-related things they are currently working on, any issues they are facing with it (where they need help), and any plans for what they'll be working on next.
  • General discussion time
    • Bring up things you are thinking about but aren't necessarily working on


  • Erik: do a lot of things like: phan (thanks for bringing it wider), own browser tests setup (issues with jobqueue), etc
  • Zeljko: releng, support, pairing, nodejs based browser
  • Elena: integration of (more granular) ORES filters, RC will be overhauled, "likely good" vs "maybe bad" :)
  • Rummana: VE, new wikitext editor(!), and VE features (graph, gallery), also working on browser tests with JS with Zeljko
  • Z: QA mw.org landing page is a mess
  • E: Would be nice to have what we have for Selenium for QA, main page for QA
  • Z: I agree, if... when working on Selenium, spent a few weeks, didn't find anything in QA that was valuable. QA became the graveyard for unuseable articles. There's also Browser testing parallel to QA. Linked to a handful in QA that are useful.
  • E: agree, only a few are valuable, but...
  • Z: focus was on Selenium, can't fix all of mw.org, who should fix it? Greg might have comments. Maybe good for one of the new hires to try to document whatever he finds out about us, start cleaning it up. Zeljko can help. Someone needs to read it all, what is still valid/invalid
  • E: might be a very good onboarding
  • Z: we didn't have a QA team nor organized effort, it's been hard since we lost our QA Lead position
  • TODO GREG: See if hire is game for coming down for a beer during All Hands

  • E: special setup, lots of non-parallel nor fast tests
  • 1 single 8 gig instance, one test at a time, many different wikis setup
  • Greg mentioned the docker CI POC and plan
  • Cirrus Search tests are mostly using the API, not a full browser, helps with speed of the test runs
  • Cirrus: 1500 unit tests (mostly parsing)
  • Željko: can we use a volunteer?
  • Erik: we should set up Ci for mediawiki-vagrant