Quality Assurance/Meetings/2015-06-23

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5:06 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #startmeeting weekly browser tests triage

5:07 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #topic triaging triage column

5:08 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #link to the board sorted by priority https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/view/1078/?order=priority

5:09 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #agreed moving T102726 to backlog

5:09 PM  James_F|Away → James_F, bgerstle_afk → bgerstle  

5:10 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #agreed moving T102546 to backlog

5:11 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #agreed moving T102536 to backlog

5:14 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #topic triaging doing column

5:14 PM  → ebernhardson joined  •  zz_meeple27 → meeple27, benestar → benestar|cloud  

5:26 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #topic triaging waiting for column

5:28 PM  → yurik joined  •  Keegan|Away → Keegan, bearND|afk → bearND, Tobi_WMDE_SW → Tobi_WMDE_SW_NA  

5:37 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #topic triaging triage column

5:37 PM  → addshore and the-wub_ joined  ⇐ hashar, the-wub and pginer quit  •  kaity|away → kaity  

5:52 PM <zeljkof-meeting> done with the triage, good job everybody

5:53 PM <zeljkof-meeting> attending: hashar, CFisch_WMDE, marxarelli 

5:53 PM <zeljkof-meeting> #endmeeting