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You must be the List Maker. I'm the Cleaner, the List Maker, the Sidetracker (which isn't necessarily bad), the Social Sharer, the Internet Researcher, the Snacker, the Gamer (I can't miss my turn at Major Command or I'll be considered AWOL!), the Watcher (I can't let myself become culturally backwards by missing important movies; plus I'm contributing to society by writing up these synopses), the Delegator (or wishfully-thinking wannabe Delegator, as illustrated by the many bugs I've submitted that no one else cares about and that I have no intent of fixing myself), and the Perpetuator. In my college days, I used to be the Panicker as well, and when I was trying polyphasic sleep I was the Napper. So really, I'm a pretty eclectic procrastinator.

Wait, why is this in Project: namespace instead of userspace? Is this more attempted delegation prompted by wishful thinking? Leucosticte (talk) 12:25, 12 March 2014 (UTC)