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Project Pralekhan (Sanskrit: प्रलेखन) is a documentation project under which MediaWiki's maintenance scripts is being improved. This project is the part of WMF's project grant which approved in May 2021.


Project goals[edit]

  • Creating a format/structure with minimum sections like Details, Usage, Parameter/Options, and Troubleshooting.
  • Creating templates for maintenance script documentations
  • Expanding scripts having an only predefined template
  • Expanding scripts having predefined template + one-line description
  • Expanding scripts having predefined template + one-line description + outdated template
  • Expanding/Improving other scripts

Improved scripts[edit]

S. No. Script Details Parameter/Options Usage See also Size (bytes) Category
1 generateSchemaSql.php Yes Yes Yes N 3,421 Yes
2 makeTestEdits.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 1,780 Yes
3 findMissingFiles.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 1,689 Yes
4 findDeprecated.php Yes N (n/a) Yes Yes 5,287 Yes
5 invalidateUserSessions.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 2,534 Yes
6 jsparse.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 3,404 Yes
7 validateRegistrationFile.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 3,464 Yes
8 resetPageRandom.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 2,065 Yes
9 dumpCategoriesAsRdf.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 5,684 Yes
10 mysql.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 3,578 Yes
11 view.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 3,027 Yes
12 protect.php Yes Yes Yes Yes 2,320 Yes
13 mctest.php

Created Categories[edit]