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MediaWiki Farmers meetup at the 2015 MediaWiki Developer Summit
    Krenair (wikimedia volunteer hat on)
    Owen Davis (wikia)
    Charles Miller (wikia)

== Agenda ==

  • Introductions ✅
  • Status on AffCom paperwork - awaiting WMF countersigned copy.
  • Recruitment
  • Phabricator project
  • What projects the group wants to pick up and work on
  • Future meetings on IRC
  • Hacking on said projects if time permits :)

Someone should take notes.
== Projects ==

  • Implement a sane configuration management system

    - Addshore
    - Parent5446

  • Better anti-spam solutions on a farm scale

    - Addshore

  • Global gadgets

    - Legoktm
    - Krenair

== Project ideas ==
(taken from MWF)

  • Global gadgets
  • Better support for shared user tables
  • Documentation for slave databases
  • Create a bundle of "Global"-type extensions with easy documentation to set up
  • Global templates and Lua modules
  • Better upgrade process for farms
  • Improve documentation for Pywikibot for wiki farms
  • Important hooks
  • Mobile frontend w/o squid/varnish (obviously not just important to farms, but...)
  • Update/improve documentation on (best practices for wiki farms)

    Decide where this should be done

    • Establish some best practices first

Global extensions:
    Not necessarily recommended, works for some
    Solves certain problems; other extensions solve those too - global user groups, shared persistent cross-project login

OpenID Connect
    - Cindy published an extension that does this

Global user page
    pending deployment on wmf

Shadow namespaces! RfC
General: Issues with parsing remotely/locally with global page scary transclusion - user pages, file pages, lua modules, gadgets...?
Use cases with public vs private wikis in the same farm, authentication between them
    Just keep them separate, out of centralauth (wmf)
    centralauth can be used for all of them (orain)
    changed view permissions with other configuration extensions (wikia)
    'invited' group with read/edit rights using shared user database accounts (ShoutWiki)
    markus says they use LDAP
    Orain removed read rights from users on private wikis, Users must be 'member' of a wiki

    Orain uses ansible, code on github (Thinking of moving to puppet in the future)
    Configuration for all sites is stored in
    WMF uses puppet, code in ops/mw-config, ops/puppet, and ops/dns etc.
    Uncyclomedia has an outdated repo on github
    Wikia has private config, but a vagrant with scrubbed config
    ShoutWiki has lots of <wikiname>Settings.php files which could be eliminated with database config later, server config coming soon?
    Some (wikifarm/hub) available at

    Orain & Wikia build localisationcache on a wiki that has every extension that is enabled and use that everywhere
    WMF uses a hack: rebuildLocalisationCache.php?
    ShoutWiki builds for a few wikis but will be moving to Orain/Wikia method
    Addshore discovers that you can use multiple threads to do this! :D