Project:IP page creation proposal

Jump to navigation Jump to search is currently experiencing a chronic problem relating to the creation of junk pages and the backlog and frequency of creation of these pages. It is a provable fact that many of these pages are created by IPs, perhaps even a convincing majority.

Cursory inspection of Special:Recentchanges should continually and constantly evidence the fact that a needless and taxing portion of admin time is spent monitoring and deleting these pages and dealing with the ceaseless tide. Regrettable as it may be, it might be time to consider preventing IPs from creating new pages. This would significantly slow the "onslaught", as it were. Such can only be beneficial to the wiki as a whole, giving admins more time to deal with less obvious maintenance issues and problems.

Overall, while we may lose a dimension of the often-useful IP contribution body, as it stands, these pages are in an unhealthy magnitude, in proportion to the wiki size. Their number exceeds many larger wikis, such as MetaWiki; reasons for this are not entirely clear. What is clear is that something needs to be done.

Please direct comments to the talk page. --Anonymous Dissident 19/20 September 2008