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MediaWiki editor.svg

Users in editor group can:

  • Edit semi-protected pages (autoconfirmed)
  • Have one's own edits automatically marked as "checked" (autoreview)
  • Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled (autopatrol)
  • Mark revisions as being "checked" (review)
  • View the list of unreviewed pages (unreviewedpages)

Reviewers additionally can:

  • Mark revisions as being "quality" (validate)

Administrators may assign and revoke the editor permission, while bureaucrats may also assign and revoke the reviewer permission.

There is currently no clear guideline about how to use flagged revisions on this wiki, however of course you have to pay attention and flag only pages and edits you're sure/knowledgeable about. Coders have full review rights as well, because they're supposed to know enough on the content of this wiki (MediaWiki itself), but not everyone can know everything.

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