MediaWiki Developer Meet-Up 2009/Registration

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If you want to attend the Developer meet-up 2009, April 3. to 5. in Berlin, please send the e-mail below to <> before March 20. Thank you. Registration has been closed due to overwhelming demand.

 Hello Wikimedian

 Thank you for your interest in the MediaWiki developer meet up on April 3. to 5.
 in Berlin <>. We are
 now getting into the final planning stage, and we now need to know if you will
 indeed come. You will only be able to attend if you have sent us a definite
 registration email, as described below.

   >>>>> The DEADLINE for definite registration is March 20! <<<<<

 However, we would be grateful if you could reply sooner. Especially if you need
 help with travel cost, assistance with visa or similar, you should reply AS SOON
 AS POSSIBLE. Otherwise it may be too late to organize these things.

 If you want to take part in the meeting, please REPLY TO THIS MAIL answering the
 questions below. 

   >>>>> Please send the REPLY to <>! <<<<<

 If you are unsure about any of the answers, just write that. All answers are
 optional, but giving them would help us to plan and organize.

 * Personal info:
 ** Real Name (required if you want help with travel cost, etc):
 ** Nickname (for you name tag):
 *** Do you want both, real name and nickname, on your batch?
 ** E-Mail address (if different from the one you send this mail from):
 ** Phone (recommended if you want help with travel cost, etc):
 ** IM (Jabber/Skype/ICQ/whatever):
 ** Subjects of interest (what you want to talk or hear about):

 * Arrival:
 ** How will you be traveling (Plane, Train, ...)?
 ** When will you be arriving (date, time if possible)?
 ** Where will you be arriving (which airport, train station, etc)?
 ** Where are you arriving from (required if you need help with travel cost)?

 * Departure:
 ** When will you be leaving (date, time if possible)?
 ** Where will you be leaving from (same as arrival)?

 * Accommodation
 ** We have reserved beds in a hostel (60 EUR for three nights, multi-bed rooms,
    see <>). 
    Do you want to stay there?
 *** If yes: Are you male or female (rooms are separated by gender, so we need to
 ** Otherwise, where will you be staying (if you tell us, we could tell you who
    else is staying close by, organize transport, etc)?

 Hint: if you book accommodation on your own, book early! There's a sporting
 event on that weekend that may make it difficult for you to find affordable

 * Travel help:
 ** Do you NEED help with travel/accommodation cost?
 *** Why do 
 *** Where do you come from?
 *** What do you expect the trip to cost?
 *** NOTE: get in contact with us NOW so you can book early. That's usually
 ** Do you need a visa to visit Germany?

 >>>>> please send the REPLY to <>! <<<<<

 Please check <>
 regularly for changes and updates. There is a preliminary schedule there. We
 also plan to provide a hot line for use during the conference, the number will
 be published there.

 Thank you for your help,

 Your Wikimedia Conference Team

 PS: All information you provide will be treated confidentially. Wikimedia
 Deutschland may keep and process the data for accounting and documentation.