Project:Deliberately unused templates


This page includes templates that we want to keep but which we do not actually want to include in any pages. Including them on this page helps to document why they are unused, and stops them appearing on Special:UnusedTemplates.

Subst templates[edit]

The following templates are designed to be included using {{subst: ... }}, so any inclusion will not create a link back to the template. We don't want these showing up in the list, or being deleted.

User interface templates[edit]

The following templates are used either by the MediaWiki interface or to provide some extra UI functionality, but are not directly included on any page.

Translated admin templates[edit]

The following templates are translations of English-language admin templates, which should never be included on actual pages (the English version should always be used). No decision has yet been made about whether it is useful to keep these translations, so they may all be deleted in the future, but in the mean-time they are included here to stop them showing up in the list.

Temporarily unused[edit]

Templates that are sometimes unused, to stop them being accidentally deleted when this is the case.


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