Project:Calendar/How to schedule an event

This page is outdated. Mentioned individuals have other responsibilites; Project:Calendar is unused these days. Do not rely on information being up to date here.

Here are instructions and general best practices for organizing successful community meetings and events.

General Event Suggestions[edit]

For events of all types, here are a few suggestions to help schedule a successful event.

1. Pick a topic

This can be difficult to figure out, especially around technical topics. "Is this interesting to others?" can be difficult to discern. If you would like some help in getting feedback on an idea, please contact Community Relations. We can help provide a friendly and informal alternative perspective on your topic.

2. Promote outside the normal channels

Event hosts are always encouraged to promote their event with the traditional wiki methods, but don't just leave it at that. Many people use tools outside of talk pages and IRC to discover and learn. Look to external channels, such as local meet-ups, social media, and related events, to encourage participation.

3. Follow up after the event

Following through after an event can be just as important as proper preparation. After the event, be sure your videos are uploaded and slides are available. If your video contains multiple topics, think about adding timestamps in the description or even consider breaking up the video into separate, section-specific videos.

Once published, videos can enhance documentation. Add links on wiki pages, such as in “See Also” where relevant. When adding video to YouTube, and especially Commons, be sure to categorize the video appropriate for easier discovery.

After the event[edit]

  1. Upload any free materials used in presentations to Wikimedia Commons. Categorize them properly under e.g. Category:Wikimedia_presentations.
  2. Follow through on any action items or off-line discussions that were brought up during your event.
  3. Thank those who attended your event. This can be with a note on their talk page, a barnstar, or a private message.
    1. Remind people who attended of the next meeting (if reoccurring) or of other related events in the near future.
  4. Ask participants for feedback or suggestions. This can help make future events more successful.


Once the event is prepared and scheduled, community outreach and promotion are important for success. Event hosts are encouraged to consider all of the possible venues described below.

For one-time events, promotion is important for a well-attended event. Hosts have one chance to promote the event before it happens. For reoccurring events, it's also important to continuously promote and remind people to attend. People get busy and can easily forget a frequent event.

It is recommended that hosts consider promotion not at as a one-time event, but something that is continuous. Letting potential audiences know of your event, and reminding them as the event approaches will lead to better attendance.

  • You could distribute an announcement through Tech News. Propose a short text and URLs.
  • If you would like your event publicized on MediaWiki social media channels, follow the instructions on Social media.
  • Wikimedia Foundation staff can also create an invitation in the Wikimedia Foundation Engineering calendar (visible to employees only) and send an invitation to internal mailing lists which WMF engineers subscribe to.
  • An announcement can be sent to wikitech-l mailing list, wiki pages, mailing lists, and other channels that are appropriate.

Specific events[edit]

There are many larger events scheduled throughout the year. Be sure to add new events to the existing list.

Technical Talks[edit]

See Wikimedia Technical Talks


Find a comprehensive documentation for organizers on the page Hackathons and its sub-pages, including an improved timeline and handbook for organizers.


There were meet-ups in the Wikimedia Foundation San Francisco office until 2018.

Further Resources[edit]

Meetings of Wikimedians: See e.g. en:Wikipedia:Meetup and de:Wikipedia:Treffen_der_Wikipedianer.