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May 2014[edit]

Date Type Event Contact
May 9–May 11 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences Zürich Hackathon 2014 (Zürich, Switzerland) Manuel Schneider
May 14 Other events Moving to Phabricator (Latest news after Hackathon); 18:00-19:00UTC in #wikimedia-office on IRC Andre Klapper
May 15 Online meetings Tech Talk: Elasticsearch at 19:00 UTC Nik Everett
May 19 Online meetings Performance guidelines at 19:00 UTC in #mediawiki connect Sumana Harihareswara
May 21 Online meetings Language Engineering monthly office hour Runa Bhattacharjee
May 21 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences Making Wikipedia Fast (San Francisco, USA) Video: Google+ - YouTube. Questions at #wikimedia-dev connect Ori Livneh, Aaron Schulz
May 21–May 23 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences SMWCon Spring 2014 (Montreal, Canada) Conference talk
May 30–Jun 1 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences WikiConference USA (New York, USA)