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May 2013[edit]

Date Type Event Contact
May 1 Online meetings Application deadline for Outreach Program for Women Quim Gil
May 2 Online meetings WMF Metrics and Activities meeting Erik Möller
May 3 Online meetings Application deadline for Google Summer of Code Quim Gil
May 3 Fresh bugs QA: Fresh bugs triageMediaWiki installer bugday at 15:00UTC AKlapper
May 9 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences Meetup: placeholder (San Francisco, CA, USA) Quim Gil
May 16 Online meetings Tech Talk placeholder Quim Gil
May 19 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences Lua on Wikimedia (London, UK) Justin Cormack
May 24–May 26 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences Amsterdam Hackathon 2013 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
May 29 Old bugs QA: Language Engineering monthly bug triage at 17:00UTC. Bug List Runa Bhattacharjee