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March 2013[edit]

Date Type Event Contact
Mar 7 Fresh bugs QA: General MediaWiki reports Bug Triage AKlapper, Valeriej
Mar 13–Mar 15 Browser testing QA: Browser automation testing for Wikipedia Search Zeljko.filipin, Qgil, Cmcmahon
Mar 14 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences Lua meets Wikipedia (San Francisco, CA, USA) Qgil
Mar 18–Mar 22 Old bugs QA: LiquidThreads (LQT) Bug Triage AKlapper, Valeriej
Mar 19 Online meetings Office hour about Wikimedia's issue tracker and Bug management in #wikimedia-office connect AKlapper
Mar 20–Mar 22 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences SMWCon Spring 2013 (New York City, USA)
Mar 22–Mar 24 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences LibrePlanet (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Mar 31–Apr 7 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences Offline Hackathon 2013 (Paris, France)