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Admeenistraters (knawn aes seesops or admeens n aw) oan ar uisers wi the techneecal capabeelitie tae fend n delyte pages, block uisers, n eedit fended pages, n ither things n aw.

Tae become aen admeen, speir at Project:Requests. Information oan the promotion process can be foond thaur.

Ae leet o the nou admeens is available here, n bureaucrats here. Tae speir fer ae delytion, see Project:Deletion .

Stewards n global seesops shoud feel free tae deal wi vandalism n siclik routine n oncontroversial things, gif necessair (Myndin: Thir's global groops defined bi the CentralAuth extension n dinna kith at Special:ListUsers, but at Special:GlobalUsers). Gif that needs admeenistrater tuils, the community seems to agree that thaur shoudna be onie proablem wi this gif the task is no complex.

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