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Admeenistraters (knawn aes seesops or admeens n aw) oan ar uisers wi the techneecal capabeelitie tae fend n delyte pages, block uisers, n eedit fended pages, n ither things n aw.

Tae become aen admeen, speir at Project:Requests. Information oan the promotion process can be foond thaur.

Ae leet o the nou admeens is available here, n bureaucrats here. Tae speir fer ae delytion, see Project:Deletion .

Stewards n global seesops shoud feel free tae deal wi vandalism n siclik routine n oncontroversial things, gif necessair (Myndin: Thir's global groops defined bi the CentralAuth extension n dinna kith at Special:ListUsers, but at Special:GlobalUsers). Gif that needs admeenistrater tuils, [$talk the community seems to agree] that thaur shoudna be onie proablem wi this gif the task is no complex. If that requires administrator tools, the community seems to agree that there should be no problem with this if the task is not complex.

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