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Um logótipo do MediaWiki com a «esfregona» do Administrador

Os Administradores (também chamados sysops ou admins) em são utilizadores com a capacidade técnica para proteger e eliminar páginas, bloquear utilizadores e editar páginas protegidas, entre outras coisas.

To become an admin, ask at Project:Requests. Information on the promotion process can be found there.

Lists of current admins, and current bureaucrats are available. To request a deletion, see Projeto:Eliminação .

Stewards and global sysops should feel free to deal with vandalism and similarly routine and uncontroversial things, if necessary (Note: These are global groups defined by the CentralAuth extension and don't appear at Special:ListUsers, but at Special:GlobalUsers). If a task requires administrator tools, the community seems to agree that there should be no problem with this if it is not complex.

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