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This is the central page for coordinating the 2013 main page redesign proposal.


I propose that the main page for Mediawiki be updated with a new look and more useful information for people learning Mediawiki and maybe host a monthly wiki contest for the best wikis

  • No design criteria.
  • It was run as a competition, rather than a collaboration.
  • Arbitrary deadlines


The process for this year's proposal is based on a consensus approach at each step. There are no firm deadlines whilst discussion and collaboration is ongoing.

1. Brainstorming for the RFC discussion

In progress (see talk page)
To be done at the talk page by those interested. The RFC should be designed as to give us design criteria for each section of the main page, and overall (ie how much change is desired). Move onto next step after consensus is reached.

2. RFC Discussion

In progress: see RFC
To be widely advertised. Discussion to be take an open-ended approach. Would be open a minimum of 30 days, and there would probably be a follow-up straw poll, with its exact nature determined by the responses received in the initial discussion.

3. Develop design criteria and guidelines

In progress Future step
To be done at the talk page by those interested, following and based on the RFC. Move onto next step after consensus is reached.

4. Mockup review

In progress Future step
Mockups from previous design attempts, and newly submitted mockups, to be reviewed against the design criteria, and discussed to identify the best ideas/elements.

5. Develop a main page alternative

In progress Future step
Can perhaps be done simultaneously with the last step. To be located here at a subpage, and open to editing by all editors, to include the best elements/layout as identified above. Multiple versions could be considered. At this stage it would be useful to recruit people with template and/or HTML/web design knowledge in order to create a proper, working alternative. Assistance from the wikiprojects managing the current elements of the main page may also be required. The final version will need to be edit protected.

6. Community vote

In progress Future step
After there is consensus on the final version from the above step, put it to an RFC vote. Needs to be widely advertised and open for a reasonable period of time. Closer should be an uninvolved admin, if possible.

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