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このページの趣旨は、ご利用のウィキで必要になった時に専門家の助力を探すお手伝いをすることです。 一覧は完璧ではありません。 このページにご自分もしくは御社の掲載をご検討の場合は、ぜひご自身で追加してください。


名前 都市 連絡先情報 注記
Adnan Saleem Sandhila ラホール パキスタン adnansandhila@gmail.com i am interested in wiki's developments and the potential of this software, i am inspired by its application as wikipedia, and so i can support implementations of any innovative ideas by you using media wiki software
Aleš Kapica プラハ チェコ E-Mail Wikimedian since 2004, IT Linux administrator for departments DCE and DC of CVUT in Prague. Author of AccessControl and maintainer EImage extensions. Admin for department wiki (run continually since 2008) and TheWoodcraft.Org (start 2013). Experience with multilingual using of MediaWiki, templates & etc. Translator & Translation administrator of the MediaWiki.org since 2019.
Andreas Jonsson スウェーデン andreas.jonsson@kreablo.se Developer with experience from developing extensions for MediaWiki. See CV for details. Hired via Kreablo AB.
Anton Krom Galicia スペイン Corporate wiki solutions. Go paperless. Semantics, Coding, Skinning, Integration, Advice and Consulting. Clients' feedback here.
Bernhard Krabina Vienna オーストリア berhard.krabina@km-a.net Semantic MediaWiki consultant and implementer. Knowledge management and open data expert.
David Gómez Catalonia スペイン dvdgmz@gmail.com Admin or developer of: Experimenta_wiki, EOI wiki,Viquilletra, GRFwiki, Sopa de pedres, Tanatopedia & HKp wiki. Skills: setting up & maintaining Semantic MediaWiki with Semantic Forms; designing templates, forms and collaboration tools.
Daniel A. R. Werner ベルリン ドイツ daniel.a.r.werner@gmail.com Professional MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and Wikibase (Wikidata's software) development since 2007. Focus on setting up and consulting on Semantic MediaWiki and Wikibase. One of the initial Wikidata Developers. About my work.
Edward Chernenko Russia edwardspec@gmail.com New extensions & consulting. Developer of Extension:Moderation and Extension:AWS .
Florence DEVOUARD Marseille フランス fdevouard@anthere.org Training on MediaWiki from social perspective. Conferences and workshops related to considerations in wiki projects. Editor of WikiFundi (mediawiki based solution to edit offline). http://www.devouard.org
Igor Absorto Grenoble フランス igor@absorto.dev MediaWiki installation with Linux, backups, migrations, maintenance, templates, tailored maintenance scripts and extensions. absorto.dev
Sophivorus Buenos Aires アルゼンチン schenonef@gmail.com Installations, configurations, updates, backups, migrations, skins, templates, extensions, repairs, hacks, anything.
Jan Steinman Jan@bytesmiths.com Experienced with extension and skin development and organizational consulting.
Jay Prakash - インド 0freerunning@gmail.com Jay is a full-time MediaWiki consultant and developer who has expertise in creating and deploying MediaWiki extensions & skins, migrating old wiki to new wiki version, creating templates and structured data for content, and many more. He have been Google summer of code Intern for Wikimedia in the past and currently Lead developer in Indic-TechCom.
Jeroen De Dauw ベルリン ドイツ jeroendedauw@gmail.com Jeroen is technical director of Professional Wiki. He has been developing MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and extensions since 2009. During this time he has worked for several companies across the globe, including Google and the Wikimedia Foundation. Jeroen has been working for Wikimedia Deutschland since 2012 where he was part of the original Wikidata team and now holds the position of Software Architect.
John McClure Port Townsend WA アメリカ合衆国 jmcclure@hypergrove.com experience with many MediaWiki & Semantic MediaWiki extensions. project manager, ontologist and grunt coder.
Jos van der Ven オランダ info@vflashdesign.nl Developer of Milieuhulp, WikiFair, NederWiki. Skills: Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic forms, Wiki skins, MediaWiki extensions.
Karsten Hoffmeyer ベルリン ドイツ karsten@professional.wiki Karsten is organizational director of Professional Wiki. He has been managing wikis using MediaWiki and related extensions since 2009 and is the Semanic MediaWiki project manager. During this time he has provided MediaWiki hosting and services to many companies and organizations across Europe. Karsten has been working at WikiHoster.net since 2011 as its proprietor.
Lia Veja Cluj-Napoca, Berlin, London ルーマニア、ドイツ、イギリス lia.veja@iris-semdata.com Can help with data modelling, data management, external data import, data integration, linked data, wiki installation, skin design and custom extension development for Semantic MediaWiki (See OfflineImportLexicon extension for work example). I do work via Iris SemData
Manuel Schneider Tripoint D-F-CH ドイツ E-Mail Wikimedian since 2004, IT Engineer by profession. I do a lot of MediaWiki stuff for several Wikimedia chapters, for my own and in external projects as a consultant. For my day job I run a small server hosting company.
Mark A. Hershberger Lancaster, PA アメリカ合衆国 mah@nichework.com Consultant for Fortune 50 companies, medical non-profits, and small projects. I help organisations adapt their custom extensions to new versions of MediaWiki; integrate organizaational authentication systems with MediaWiki; troubleshoot and resolve problems with their wiki. Co-founder and President of the MediaWiki Stakeholders user group. Developer for various extensions including SemanticMediaWiki and contributor to MediaWiki. Member of the MediaWiki release management team (1.19-1.24). Former Bugmeister for Wikimedia.(2011-2012)
Michele Fella Milan イタリア michele.fella@gmail.com Installation, design and customization of MediaWiki and extensions.
Narayanan K Chennai インド 7narayan@gmail.com Extension development, Installation,upgrading, Maintenance Etc.
Nicolas NALLET パリ、ブザンソン フランス contact@semantiki.fr MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki consultant running Wiki Valley (formerly Sémantiki.fr)
Niklas Laxström フィンランド niklas.laxstrom@gmail.com MediaWiki consulting (so far universities, public entities etc.)
Nischay Nahata Bangalore インド Nischayn22@gmail.com Experienced with extension creation and development. Worked on Semantic MediaWiki extensions, Maps, etc. More at User:Nischayn22
PaulGu Wiki paul@paulgu.com Paul Gu is a MediaWiki skin, template and extensions developer and offers MediaWiki skin customization, skin integration, Web site integration, MediaWiki extension installation, SEO, etc for pay
Pavel Dvorak Liberec チェコ e-mail Expert Python and web programmer, experienced with MediaWiki, its API and Python access. Developer of Python tools to work with MediaWiki. Linux and Windows proffessional user. Also into wikicode templates, Lua modules, jQuery gadgets and everything else about MediaWiki wikis as well.
Raja Naik Mumbai インド raajanaik@gmail.com I am an expert PHP programmer and specialize in developing custom extensions and skins. I also perform installations, upgrades, and general MediaWiki consultation.
Russell John Dhaka バングラデシュ russell@ekushey.com Provides consulting, setup/configuration, customizing, programming, training for MediaWiki.
rxy 大阪 日本 mediawiki-support@rxy.jp (現在、日本語のメッセージのみ利用可能です) MediaWiki のコアのインストール、設定、拡張機能の開発。 MediaWiki コアの貢献者です (私の名前は Special:Version/Credits にあります)、そしてサイバー セキュリティ エンジニアです。
Saqib Iqbal ロンドン イギリス siqbalbaloch@gmail.com Setting up a new wiki-based site, extension-development, installation, User-Interface improvements and all MediaWiki-related issues
Sébastien DROUIN Nice フランス sd@devsd.info Installation, update, design and customization of MediaWiki and extensions, sysadmin and developper
Seb35 Rennes フランス seb35@seb35.fr MediaWiki consultant, long-time experience of MediaWiki, both technical (sysadmin) and as user
TiagoFerreira ポルトガル info@tiagoferreira.nome.pt MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki consultant for intranet enterprise environments, from information management into knowledge management. Embedded self-hosted solutions for SOHO and SMBs with QNAP.
Vedmaka Tbilisi Georgia god.vedmaka@gmail.com Mediawiki and Semantic MediaWiki extensions development, engine configuration.
Vitaliy Klymets ウクライナ vitaliklymets@gmail.com Installations, configurations, updates, backups, migrations, templates, extensions.
Yury Katkov Saint Petersburg Russia katkov.juriy@gmail.com MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki jobs: setup, configuration, advice and consulting
Zoran Dori セルビア zorandori4444@gmail.com All MediaWiki jobs, like setup, configuration, upgrading, consultation, support and other maintenance work.


名前 都市 連絡先情報 注記
ArchiXL オランダ info@archixl.nl ArchiXL is an independent consultancy company specializing in enterprise and IT architecture. They help enterprises and government to organize their information and creating the necessary insight. They focus on organizations in the public and financial sectors. In ArchiXL Courses they offer trainings in the field of architecture.
BairesDev サンフランシスコ、カリフォルニア アメリカ合衆国 info@bairesdev.com BairesDev is the fastest-growing Technology Solutions company in Latin America. We provide end-to-end software delivery and MediaWiki consulting on a global scale for companies of all sizes, from startups to some of the biggest companies in the world. Visit our webpage to know more: https://www.bairesdev.com/
BitNami provides an out-of-the-box installation of MediaWiki to use with VMware vFabric™ Application Director
BorderCloud パリ フランス karima.rafes@bordercloud.com Linked Data consultancy/training/hoster on various software including MediaWiki and WikiBase(WikiData).
BreezyOps Albuquerque, NM アメリカ合衆国 drobbins@breezyops.com Specializing in high-traffic MediaWiki deployments in the Cloud or on physical hardware (Load balancer, MySQL Cluster), Cargo-enabled MediaWiki sites, LDAP integration.
CiviHosting アメリカ合衆国 help@civihosting.com CiviHosting is a hosting firm specializing in Mediawiki with servers in the USA and Europe. Services include 24/7 support, daily backups, Visual Editor, as well as training and consulting.
systemsforpeople カナダ infoweb_2019@systemsforpeople.com, User:David Mason Extensive use of Semantic MediaWiki for university research, cultural sites. Free overviews, ongoing training, custom front ends.
DIQA Karlsruhe ドイツ info@diqa-pm.com
Contact page (English)
Contact page (German)
Consulting and development for MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, SharePoint.
Professional software products for knowledge management DataWiki, information management in SharePoint, and Linked Data.
Doalogue Tel Aviv Israel contact page Doalogue is a knowledge mangement and consulting company. We offer organizational/bussiness wiki solutions: Intranet and Internet wiki setup, implementation & training, backend & frontend (skin) development. We maintain Doalogue wiki, newseminar and many other wikis.
Dokit Paris, FR フランス contact@dokit.io Mediawiki consulting, Development of Extensions, Skin design, Semantic MediaWiki and PageForm integration and Hosting.
  • Developer of Dokit, a MediaWiki-based platform enabling companies to create, manage and share digital work instructions and visual documentation.
  • Developer of Wikifab, a wiki enabling anyone to share DIY creations with the world.
Energypedia Consult GmbH Eschborn ドイツ support@energypedia-consult.com Consultancy for web-based monitoring and project platforms (WebMo), software for knowledge management, and databases.
End Point Corporation アメリカ合衆国 MediaWiki consulting: troubleshooting, custom extensions, Postgres integration, SphinxSearch
EvolvNet Portland アメリカ合衆国 djm@evolvnet.com - Dave Myers EvolvNet designs, builds and maintains portals, communities, information hubs and intranets based on the MediaWiki platform.
Frequenze Software イタリア info@frequenze.it Andrea Ganduglia Website development, sysadmin consultancy etc. for open applications. They worked with several companies and public institutions, also with intranet MediaWikis; main problems they report, authentication integration and parser/syntax reuse outside the wiki.
gesinn.it GmbH & Co. KG Schwarzenfeld, Regensburg ドイツ solutions@gesinn.it Enterprise class MediaWiki solutions:

Industrial MediaWiki Setup, customization, programming, consulting and training.

Hallo Welt! Regensburg ドイツ info@hallowelt.com MediaWiki consulting, training, setup/configuration, customizing and programming.
Developer of BlueSpice MediaWiki.
Iris-SemData Romania, UK Lia Veja Semantic Web and Semantic MediaWiki consulting, implementation, support, training, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI algorithms.
KM-A Knowledge Management Associates Vienna オーストリア bernhard.krabina@km-a.net Semantic MediaWiki and Wikibase/Wikidata consulting, implementation, support, and training. Data, Information and Knowledge Management.
Kreablo AB Sweden http://www.kreablo.se/x/bin/view/Ext/Kontakt MediaWiki and XWiki consulting, implementation, training
masterssystems Serverhosting & -Management Tripoint D-F-CH ドイツ E-Mail Wikimedian since 2004, IT Engineer by profession. I do a lot of MediaWiki stuff for several Wikimedia chapters, for my own and in external projects as a consultant. For my day job I run a small server hosting company.
MediaWiki Beratung ドイツ rs@mediawiki-beratung.de or User:Raymond MediaWiki consulting
Mediawiki4Intranet Russia vitalif@yourcmc.ru Maintain Mediawiki4Intranet, a MediaWiki distribution bundled with 75 extensions good for corporate intranet wikis.
MWUsers Phoenix, AZ アメリカ合衆国 Contact form MWUsers provides fully-managed MediaWiki Hosting, professional support services, and custom development in addition to our community support platform.
MyWikis Consulting アメリカ合衆国 sales@mywikis.com

Talk to our sales team

MediaWiki is a powerful tool that can be used for any part of your organization. We're here to help you figure out how to best integrate it for your organization. In addition to our hosting services, MyWikis's consulting services are here to help you get your wiki working for your company. Bundle discounts are provided for clients who are using MyWikis for wiki hosting. With 10+ years of experience with MediaWiki and almost 10 years as a company, we're able to deliver results for anything, built on top of time-tested expertise. More info on our website
MediaWiki Training UK
Szkolenia MediaWiki
MediaWiki Courses US
MediaWiki Courses CN




specialize in training and consultancy on various software including MediaWiki
Open Technology Group info@otg-nc.com IT training including courses in MediaWiki Administration and Managing Content with MediaWiki
Open Tech Strategies, LLC New York / Chicago アメリカ合衆国 info@opentechstrategies.com Custom open source development based on MediaWiki. See Torque, Torque Sites, ActivityLog, TeamComments, SimpleBook, and SimpleFavorites for examples.
OpenFox.io Tel Aviv Israel office@openfox.io OpenFox.io is a platform for organisational wikis based on MediaWiki. We developed and maintain internal organisational-wikis as well as open knowledge portals such as Sheatufim, Haogdan and Matana (Education.gov).
PediaPress Mainz ドイツ development@pediapress.com online service that lets you create customized books from wiki content
developed and maintain some extensions such as Collection
Professional Wiki ベルリン ドイツ info@professional.wiki
Contact page (English)
Contact page (German)
High quality services by MediaWiki veterans Jeroen De Dauw and Karsten Hoffmeyer.

We provide managed MediaWiki hosting, custom development, professional support, training, advise, software upgrades and more.

Return on Intelligence Philadelphia, St. Petersburg, Riga USA, Russia, Latvia Outsourced software development, commercial software solutions. Large enterprise projects using MediaWiki, its extensions, and Semantic MediaWiki technologies for delivering knowledge management systems.
Richard Carter Consultancy
Alternative: Earl Grey & Battenburg
UK Twitter: @RCConsultancy
User:Earlgreybattenburg / User:Rcconsultancy
MediaWiki consultancy and skin design, Drupal, Inkspace, OpenCommerce training
author of MediaWiki Skins Design
working on HTML5 MediaWiki skin and responsive MediaWiki skin.
Sémantiki France Contact page, Nicolas Nallet MediaWiki consulting, implementation, support, remote administration
Wiki Valley France contact@wiki-valley.com MediaWiki Consulting, Support and Training. Private wikis Hosting.

Conseil en MediaWiki, support et formations. Hébergement de wikis privés.

Wiki.WerkVanBart Leiden オランダ Contact Bart Mulckhuijse here or on this wiki Consultancy on professional implementations of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki.
WikiAhoi Vienna オーストリア ahoi@wikiahoi.at Knowledge management with Semantic MediaWiki for companies. Consulting, concept, training.
Wikibase Solutions Rotterdam, Oosterhout オランダ info@wikibase-solutions.com
Contact page
Leading business solutions provider in applications (offering consultancy, development, implementation, training, maintenance and support). Using MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and other platforms/frameworks. Experienced in AWS, Azure and ElasticSearch. We have a happy worldwide clientbase in public and private sector. Strong presence in US and Western Europe.
WikiHoster.net ベルリン ドイツ Karsten Hoffmeyer
→ kontakt@wikihoster.net
Contact page
MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki consulting, implementation, setup, support, training as well as hosting.
WikiTeq Boca Raton, FL アメリカ合衆国 Contact the WikiTeq team Full-service MediaWiki solutions, including site setup, extension development, skin design, semantic technologies, hosting and continued support. Headed by Ike Hecht.
WikiVote Moscow, Dubna, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod Russia Katkov Yury katkov.juriy@gmail.com developing products for collaborative knowledge management, foresights, roadmaps, editing structured documents (standards, visions, strategies, partner agreements) using MediaWiki + Semantic MediaWiki as a basic platform. Legislative crowdsourcings, mostly for the governments and organizations
WikiWorks アメリカ合衆国 Yaron Koren, yaron@wikiworks.com MediaWiki consulting, installation, skin design, data structure setup, hosting and development. Led by Yaron Koren, author of Working with MediaWiki.


On the MediaWiki Discord, there is a #professional-services channel you can post in to let people know you are looking for a MediaWiki developer.