Platform Engineering Team/Code Jam


The Code Jam is an event for engineers to provides an opportunity to work on projects we would otherwise not work on. The platform engineering team designates one week per quarter as the "code jam week". During that week, engineers get together in groups to work on small projects outside the regular roadmap. The projects should be within the regular scope of the team (or at least the department).

The purpose of Code Jam weeks is two-fold: it provides a way to work on projects that are too big to do on the side, but to small to warrant full scale project management and roadmapping. And it provides engineers with an opportunity to work with people they don't usually work with day to day, and gain experience with aspects of our code base that they would not otherwise be exposed to.

Candidate projects for the code jam are collected on the code jam board on Phabricator.

Code Jams so far: