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For information what Spaces are and how to create or use them, see Restricting access via Space policies.

A list of Spaces set up in Wikimedia Phabricator.

Number Name Active? Creation task ACLs
S1 Public Y --- ---
S2 Community Liasons Y phab:T94108 acl*communityliaison_policy_admins
S3 Testing space (All users) N --- ---
S4 Procurement - Vendor Quote Y phab:T93760 acl*operations-team / acl*procurement-review
S5 Fundraising-Analysis Y phab:T119258 acl*fundraising_research_policy_admins / (acl*fr_policy_admins?) / (#WMF FR?)
S6 Ops vendor announcements N phab:T118176 acl*operations-team
S7 Annual-Report-Private Y phab:T136889 acl*annual_report_policy_admins
S8 WMUA Technical Committee Y phab:T122436 acl*WMUA_policy_admins
S9 Research-Collaborations Y phab:T135458 acl*research_collaborations_policy_admins
S10 Trust and Safety Y phab:T140838 #acl*support_and_safety_policy_admins
S11 Security-Team Y phab:T150046 #acl*security_team
S12 WikiSP-UG Internal Y phab:T163999, phab:T273344 #acl*wikisp_policy_admins
S13 WMF Blog Social Team Y phab:T170945 #acl*wmf_blog_social_team_policy_admins
S14 WMF CTO Team N phab:T175094 #acl*WMF-CTO-Team_policy_admins
S15 Basque Wikimedia User Group Y phab:T175287 #acl*Wikimedia-User-Group-Basque_policy_admins
S16 WMF-CTO-Admin-Sensitive N phab:T179616 #acl*wmf-cto-admin-sensitive_policy_admins
S17 Analytics-Legal Y phab:T174675 #acl*Analytics-Legal_policy_admins
S18 AHT-Private Y phab:T235313 #acl*AHT-Private_policy_admins
S19 WMF-Communications Y phab:T241358 #acl*WMF-Communications_policy_admins
S20 WMDE-Technical-Wishes-Private Y phab:T248104 #acl*WMDE-Technical-Wishes-Private_policy_admins
S21 WMF-Technical-Program-Management Y phab:T277107 #acl*WMF-Technical-Program-Management_policy_admins
S22 Y phab:T298997
S23 WMIT-Private Y phab:T303518 #acl*WMIT-Private_policy_admins
S24 English-Arbitration-Committee Y phab:T304765 #acl*English-Arbitration-Committee_policy_admins
S25 Feature-Engineering-Hiring Y phab:T344345 #acl*Feature-Engineering-Hiring_policy_admins