"Diffusion" is the Phabricator repository browser[1] and repository management tool.

Diffusion is integrated with the other tools in the Phabricator suite. For instance:

  • When you commit Differential revisions to a tracked repository, they are automatically updated and linked to the corresponding commits;
  • You can add Herald rules to notify you about commits that match certain rules;
  • In tasks and other places, you can automatically link to commits.

Creating and managing repositories[edit]

The #Repository-Admins group in Phabricator is tasked with creating, managing and organizing our repositories. If you need help with a repo, these are the folks to ask.

Requesting a new repository[edit]

If you would like to have a new repository created and/or imported into Diffusion, please create a task in the #Repository-Admins project.

Please include the following information:

  • The desired callsign (following the naming conventions), eg: rECNO
  • The desired full name, eg: extension-CentralNotice
  • If needed, the url to another git repo that you would like the new repository to be populated with initially


Callsigns are short names that represent a repository. You can read more about them in the upstream Phabricator documentation. Callsigns must be only capital Latin alphabet letters (eg: [A-Z]+). They are also immutable (not changeable).

Callsign templates[edit]

Module:Callsigns maps repository "paths" in gerrit to Diffusion callsigns, for example "mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter" maps to the callsign EABF.

{{git file}} takes a project=path/to/repo parameter to refer to a git repository (phab:T101358), so it invokes Module:Callsigns to create a link to a file in diffusion.

FYI - Email address privacy[edit]

Obviously, if you make a commit using an email address that is associated with a Phabricator user, the user and the email address will be linked in the user interface.