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Phabricator/Bugzilla migration weekend

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Bugzilla is being migrated to Phabricator

  • We have moved Bugzilla to https://old-bugzilla.wikimedia.org
  • We have set up automatic redirects from bugzilla.wikimedia.org reports to Phabricator tasks
  • Don't be surprised if your browser warns you about old-bugzilla being insecure or that "your connection is not private" while we get the certificate to work.

Wikimedia's old bug tracking system Bugzilla and our new system Phabricator are currently closed to the public while the content of Bugzilla is migrated to Phabricator. They will remain closed until the end of the migration, expected on Monday, November 24th.

You might be able to browse https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org or https://old-bugzilla.wikimedia.org in read-only mode, but there is no guarantee. Phabricator is not accessible during the migration period.

Once the migration is complete, Bugzilla will be permanently placed in read-only mode, and all bug tracking activity will occur on Phabricator (https://phabricator.wikimedia.org).

If you need to report a bug


EMERGENCIES ONLY, the rest can wait!

Use the Project:Support desk to report an urgent bug that must be handled before Monday 24th. In case of doubt, ask in #wikimedia-bug2phab connect on IRC. Bugs with security implications should be reported to the email address "security@wikimedia.org".

While we kindly ask you to wait until Monday, you can write down a note on our etherpad so you won't forget about it. On Monday you will be able to file your non-urgent bug or an enhancement request in Wikimedia Phabricator.

Learn more about the migration


All the details can be found in Phabricator/versus Bugzilla, including the current status of the migration.

Practice with Phabricator


You can learn and experiment in our Phabricator playground: http://phab-01.wmflabs.org. See also Phabricator/Help.