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Q2 high-level goals[edit]

Parsoid HTML page views[edit]

  • Page views: work towards a prototype
    • Continue plugging gaps in rendering accuracy -- always WIP
    • Cite CSS -- WIP
    • mixed content-style templates used heavily in some infoboxes -- WIP
  • Move data-parsoid to metadata storage -- WIP (blocker bugs now in gerrit)
  • Integrate with RESTbase -- WIP
  • Move data-mw to metadata storage + migration plan for clients
  • Continue narrowing down rendering differences (based on visual diffs) -- WIP
  • Send Parsoid logs to LogStash
    • Identify crashers / broken pages sooner

Supporting clients[edit]

  • Language variant support
    • Finish up basic parsing / editing support
    • Critical for VE on Chinese WP
  • HTML editing for template parameters -- WIP
    • Identify and fix perf issues with HTML support
    • Work with VE team to enable it
  • Gallery, LST, and other extensions used in non-WP projects. (gallery WIP by Inez of Wikia)
  • Support for audio and video content (Bug 62270)

New applications[edit]

  • Start work on stable id support -- WIP
    • Enabler for other projects
  • PhantomJS-based PDF rendering port
    • Print CSS stylesheet for Parsoid HTML
    • Use PhantomJS + print CSS to go from Parsoid HTML → PDF
    • Simpler to maintain in the long run
  • LintTrap integration
    • Helps identify / fix broken wikitext rather than support those use cases
    • Collaborate with Project CheckWiki
  • Research + experiments
    • HTML content templates
    • HTML content widgets


  • Migrate to node 0.10 on cluster
  • Node promises in code -- WIP
  • Performance instrumentation -- WIP via OPW
  • Unclog RT test server