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A feature test on was implemented for a period of 4 months on Greek and Catalan Wikipedias. A number of issues and bugs were reported and user satisfaction was recorded using a survey. Users had generally favorable feedback, with the majority of users finding hovercards useful, easy to use, and enjoyable to use.

Qualtrics Survey Results[edit]

In April of 2015, hovercards were rolled out to all users on Catalan and Greek Wikipedias. They also continued to be a beta feature on english and other wikipedias. During this time, a survey was shown to all hovercards users using a banner recruitment. There were over 1,700 responses, heavily dominated by non-logged in users on Catalan and Greek and logged in users (probably mostly editors) on English. Below are the aggregated results of the Greek and Catalan tests, as well as the community responses from beta testers on the English Wikipedia.

For first question, users mostly gave positive feedback, but a good amount of issues identified

Questions 2-6 are the qualitative text answers to whatever the user chose for open feedback. We cannot share these answers on wiki, as they have not been vetted to remove potentially personally identifiable information.

Here are some random, contiguous sample rows from those answers:

  • positive feedback:
!que sexplica molt be el text. (Catalan, Google Translate says "Explains very well the text")
διότι δεν έχασα χρόνο να ανοίξω άλλη καρτέλα στον φυλλομετρητή μου (Greek: "because I did not lose time to open another tab in my browser"
És útil per saber si l'enllaç ens porta al contingut que ens interessa. (Catalan: "It is useful to know if the link leads to content that interests us."
These tooltips are awesome!
perfect :)
It is very convenient!
  • bug:
no se'm tanca una pestanya (Catalan: "I can't close a tab")
Speaking people
Hovercard doesn't go away Browser: Google Chrome Operating System: Win 7
  • other problem:
Encara que deixi desactivades les vistes prèvies i guardats els canvis cada cop que tanco l'explorador i el torno a engegar les vistes prèvies tornen a estar activades. Utilitzo Firefox amb cookies activades. Gràcies. (Catalan: Although I left disabled the previews and save it, when I close my browser and open it again, previews are activated again. I use Firefox with cookies activated. Thanks)
δεν μου αρεσουν και με μπερδευουν (Greek: "I don't like them and they confuse me"
- |The hover card, doesn't close.
Hover card for Edvard Munch not showing correct information when linked from page Only disambiguation info shown. The problem is with the hover card, as it appears on other articles where 'Edvard Munch' is linked. I am not able to fix this problem.
  • suggestion for improvement:
The preview card should disappear INSTANTLY (less than 0.01 seconds) when the mouse cursor is moved away form the hyperlink text. My only guess for giving the preview card some time to disappear is so that the user can move the cursor to the preview card itself and click it to be linked to that article. However, this is unnecessary, (in fact the preview card itself doesn't need to be clickable/linked at all) the cursor is already on the link in the text, ready to click on spot, there is no need to give it time to move to the preview card (and again no need for the card to be clickable).
αυτή η σημαία δεν υπήρχε τότε , αναφερόμαστε στο 1200 (Greek: "this flag did not exist at that time, we are talking about 1200 AD" - obviously referring to wrong choice of image)
Wikipedia should optionally allow displaying high-quality, low-compression (PNG or 95%+ quality JPEG) versions of images in hover cards on higher-speed connections.
Treu-re el link. No serveix per res (Catalan: "Remove the link. Is useless")
I'd like to know what happened in these epoch.
Users find hovercards easy to use!
Users find hovercards useful!
Users enjoy using hovercards
Users find hovercards simple and easy

Major Bugs Reported[edit]

Known & documented issues:[edit]

Unknown and need more information:[edit]

  • Text alignment issue in certain scripts - tracked in
  • Disambiguation text showing in some cases - this is when a page is just using plain indented/italic text instead of a template (e.g.). Or, if the hatnote template doesn't include class="noexcerpt" - fixed
  • Half sentences are annoying, people want more text - tracked in
  • People are unhappy with animation speed, some want it faster, some slower (replicating the existing Reference Tooltips options, would be best) - implemented as setting of hovercards, more info here Extension:Popups#Show.2Fhide_timing

Known and hard to solve for[edit]