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Find answers to your questions about participating in the Google Summer of Code and Outreachy program with Wikimedia in our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How can I prepare for the Google Summer of Code/ Outreachy program ahead of time?[edit]

Wikimedia will start listing projects only by mid-February and mid-August on the corresponding subpages of Google Summer of Code and Outreachy on MediaWiki.org. If you would like to start preparing before the application period opens, here are a few ideas for you to explore:

How do I start working on a Wikimedia project listed for GSoC/Outreachy?[edit]

You could start with expressing your interest in working on the project by commenting on the Phabricator task associated with it. You could then set up up the development environment and choose a microtask to work on. Microtasks would be linked from each project's task description on Phabricator. Mentors will guide you in the process and help you make a contribution to the project.

Where can I ask for help with my problem?[edit]

Depends very much on the nature of the problem. If you're running into a project-specific technical problem, reach out to the project mentors directly in the communication channel they're most active or on their preferred method of contact. You will find this information highlighted in the project descriptions on the GSoC and Outreachy page on MediaWiki.org. For a general technical problem around Wikimedia projects (e.g., setting up the MediaWiki development environment or contributing to MediaWiki extensions), ask for help on mailing lists, IRC, or the Support Desk. For any program related questions, reach out to program administrators in the Zulip chat.

Please first read How to become a MediaWiki hacker#Feedback, questions and support how to (not) ask questions.

Which project suits my interest and expertise?[edit]

In all our projects, we list the level of expertise and skills required. Although you can choose to share your skillset with organization administrators, all they might be able to do is point you to the list of projects you might have seen already on MediaWiki.org. It might be ideal if you assess for yourself which project best suits you based on the skills required, level of expertise needed and any topic area that interests you more. And, this would save everyone some time!

It is late now but can I still apply?[edit]

1-2 weeks remaining till the deadline[edit]

It is not too late to apply. Follow the application process steps, work on microtasks if still available, and submit a final proposal on the Google and Outreachy program website by the deadline.

Less than a week till the deadline[edit]

Wikimedia's application process takes at least a week to complete. We want to be upfront that your chances of getting accepted are slim. That said, the experience of writing and submitting your application will help you prepare for next year, so, if you decide to apply, we will be happy to support you! With Outreachy, in some instances (e.g., the project received fewer candidates), mentors can extend the application deadline by a week, but it depends on the mentor to decide on that.

Note that you can also contribute to Wikimedia projects outside of the program, see: How to contribute, New Developers and Good first bugs.

Could you help connect with someone who might be willing to mentor me on my own project idea?  [edit]

If you would like to propose your own project idea, that is welcome! You could reach out to potential mentors who might have the skills and expertise in the topic area that your project is in. One downside with this approach is that we might not be able to find a suitable mentor for you in time for the application deadline. If you would like to take this approach, you should consider reaching out to us and submitting a proposal early to get timely feedback. If you would like to take this as a challenge, organization administrators would be happy to help you make a connection with experienced developers from our community.

Where, how to and in which format should I upload my project application?[edit]

Follow the "Application process steps" section for clear instructions on submitting a final proposal for Google Summer of Code and Outreachy respectively.  

If you couldn't find what you were looking for in the FAQ, reach out to organization administrators on Zulip.

[GSoC] Can I apply for GSoC for the second time with Wikimedia?[edit]

Yes, but note that newcomers will be given preference in this case.