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OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia are collaborating at multiple levels, many times thanks to individual efforts of volunteers, sometimes through formal projects involving the Wikimedia Foundation or chapters.

Let's map this collaboration. Every entry should have a wiki page, a bug report or a URL somewhere.

Use cases[edit | edit source]

Please add any other use-cases you think would be beneficial, including links to anything similar.
Also, please indicate who would benefit/what community would like to participate, and if you want to take part in this effort
  • An editor wants to easily add a map to a Wikipedia article without leaving the Wikipedia site.
  • A reader wants to zoom and pan a map in a Wikipedia article.
  • A reader wants to see a zoomable, pannable map immediately when they click geo-coordinates on an article.
  • An editor wants to add geographic information about the location where they currently are.
  • A reader wants to navigate articles with an atlas (instead of typing a page name or URL, zoom and pan a map, and click pins)
  • An article shows interactive historical maps for certain areas. The map can contain annotation layers, POIs, routes, data layers etc. to illustrate the article topic. An editor wants to create these maps. (Taking part: Susannaanas (talk))
  • A historical map file can be displayed overlaid on a slippy map in the file display (file page / media viewer). Wikimaps design doc. (Taking part: Susannaanas (talk))
  • A reader/Commons user/editor wants to find scanned maps by selecting the area on a slippy map. Wikimaps design doc. (Taking part: Susannaanas (talk))

Mobile app use cases[edit | edit source]

  • User is able to see the map of the nearby points of interests from the mobile app
  • User is able to explore points of interest next to the current article
  • User is able to view articles similar to the current one on the map (based on Wikidata class)

Ongoing projects[edit | edit source]

Implementation[edit | edit source]

Wishlist[edit | edit source]

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