October 2011 Coding Challenge/Submissions

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  • Archive of submissions. This contains the versions of the code as submitted by November 7, 23:59 UTC and is intended to provide a snapshot to allow for fair comparison of all submissions.

The table below contains links to the public repositories for each submission, which may have been updated since the submission deadline.

Mobile Photo Upload

Submission ID Submission name Submission description URL
405 -- A fork of the Wikipedia Phonegap app (Android/iOS). Doesn't seem to include any novel code but includes some wireframes for a possible by-location upload work flow. https://github.com/rememmber
561 Upload Wizard A fork of the Wikipedia Phonegap app (Android/iOS). Adds the beginnings of an attempted port of the Wikimedia Commons commons:Special:Upload Wizard. Presentation page. User:Tpt/Upload Wizard
1542 WikiShoot WikiShoot is an iOS (iPhone and iPad) application allowing you to take photos of unphotographed locations and upload them to Wikimedia Commons (or some other MediaWiki deployment). https://github.com/pypt/WikiShoot
2571 Share with Commons Adds a "Share with Wikimedia Commons" option to Android's "Share with" options e.g. in the gallery application https://github.com/michiel1972/shareWithCommons
2582 Wikiporter An app implemented using Appscend for "representing articles from Wikipedia around the user's location and making it easy to add images to those articles."


Greg seems to have disqualified these two because they lack READMEs, but they should still be reviewed:

  • Wiki-a-pictures (2199)
    • App builds and allows me to either take a photo or include one from my album. It then goes to a "Select Article" screen which doesn't do anything. Rating: 1 Tfinc 07:45, 29 December 2011 (UTC)[]
  • Wikipedia-App (1583)
    • Nicely retouched UI. Login works. Image upload works. I can even see what i've uploaded in the past. Sadly the config option to notify a user that they should uplad an image when an article needs doesn't seem to work. Rating: 3 Tfinc 07:55, 29 December 2011 (UTC)[]

Making Wikipedia More Alive

Submission ID Submission name Submission description URL
48 WhoSaidThat "Adds a link near the top of most pages inviting the user to start the revisions user interface which produces graphs, pie charts, lists and totals data for the revision history of that page." User:WhoSaidThat
301 WikiDiffLX An effort to clean up MediaWiki's diff implementation (improved handling of whitespace changes or other kinds of edits that are currently confusingly displayed). Predates the coding challenge and no modifications appear to have been made for it. User:PerfektesChaos/WikidiffLX
2015 -- A user script which polls a page for edits while the user is reading it. https://gist.github.com/1346599
2189 Most Edited A user script which generates a list of the most edited pages in a wiki in a given recent time period (e.g. last hour). It breaks down the specific sections which have received edits. User:Schnark/mostEdited.js
2227 LiveEdit A MediaWiki extension which highlights the "Edit" tab and provides additional information on mouseover if a a page is being edited while the user is visiting it. https://github.com/johnduhart/LiveEdit
2241 WikiTrip A stand-alone visualization (depends on some APIs running on the toolserver) which shows gender and origin of an article's contributors, to the extent that the information is public. Predates the coding challenge and no modifications appear to have been made for it. https://github.com/volpino/wikipedia-timeline
2312 WikiJoy A simple voting mechanism for pages which adds an "Enjoy" tab. Does not work on Wikipedia due to same origin policy. Depends on an API, which is implemented as an independent PHP script and database definition. User:Jonas AGX/Project page
2539 VisualChanges An incomplete effort to better visualize diffs. User:Robintibor/VisualChanges.js
2577 wiki_code_challenge_rtu Updates a page in real-time while the user is viewing the page if any changes are being made. Requires a Node.js service to be running on the user's localhost. Forked from wikistream. https://github.com/magicrootZ/wiki_code_challenge_rtu
2578 __wikirevs__ A user script which shows a balloon pop-up if a page has been modified while the user has been viewing it, and allows viewing an in-line diff if desired. https://github.com/massigrillo/__wikirevs__

Greg seems to have disqualified this one because it lacks a README, but it should still be reviewed:

  • KnowNow (GitHub description: "This extension lists recent revisions of the current page and of the wiki. Ajax functions update the box every minute.")

Wikipedia Slideshow

Submission ID Submission name Submission description URL
328 -- A stand-alone slideshow (with no apparent tie-in to Wikipedia/MediaWiki) implemented entirely in CSS3. User:Mardeg/slideshowsource.txt
508 -- A stand-alone HTML5 canvas slideshow demo, with no apparent Wikipedia/MediaWiki tie-in. Appears to be copied from here without attribution. User:Tomtomn00/codingentry
648 -- A user script which adds a "Slideshow" tab which invokes a slideshow overlay of the images in a given article. Shows captions, supports Commons categories, mobile viewing mode, keyboard navigation, and more. User:Phiarc/October2011/
1738 Wikimedia Slideshow Userscript A user script which adds a "Slideshow" tab (in the Vector dropdown) which invokes a slideshow overlay of the images in a given article. Supports keyboard navigation. User:Popoffka/SlideShow.js
1966 -- When invoked through a "slideshow" tab, loads a simple pop-up of thumbnails in an article with Next/Previous buttons. Only shows the sizes shown in the article as well. User:Csokol/MyScript.js
2358 Wiki Slideshow A stand-alone HTML/JavaScript slideshow which invokes an overlay. Navigation is done by dragging across the screen. No apparent Wikipedia/MediaWiki tie-in. https://github.com/vikstrous/wiki-slideshow
2572 wikipic A user script which adds overlay buttons to any image in a wiki page when the user mouses over them. These options allow the user to 1) show image information in a pop-up without leaving the page, 2) show thumbnails for a selection of images like the one displayed, 3) launch a slideshow of a selection of images like the one displayed, 4) as 3), but in full-screen mode. Detailed metadata is displayed alongside the images. User:Magnus Manske/wikipic
2581 ScreenViewer A script to display a slideshow of wiki pages (incomplete), intended for use in presentations, meetings, etc. User:Seb35/ScreenViewer