October 2011 Coding Challenge/Eligible events

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The Wikimedia movement organizes a large number of international conferences and events throughout any given year. Challenges winners will be eligible to attend any event listed on this page. If you'd like to inquire whether a particular event is eligible, simply post a question on the discussion page.

Wikimania 2012: Washington, DC (July 10-14, 2012)

Wikimania is the annual international conference of the Wikimedia community. It's organized by a different local team each year – in 2012 the conference is taking place in Washington, D.C. Wikimania allows the community and the general public to learn about and share their experiences with free knowledge initiatives all over the world.

Wikimania includes a hackathon event on July 10-11, and attendance of both the main event and the hackathon are included.

Visit to the San Francisco office (any month in 2012, up to 5 days)

If you'd like to forego an event or conference and pay a visit to San Francisco instead, that's also an option. Enjoy the San Francisco Bay Area for a few days and meet the Wikimedia Foundation staff and the local community.

Other planned events

A hackathon in Western Europe, likely Berlin, is planned for April or May of 2012.