Notifications/Data model


Draft only


There are four key data objects required to maintain Echo in its initial state:

  • An event type (is there a better name?) is a type of event that can occur. For example: "talk page edited", "article expanded", etc.
  • A subscription describes the relationship between a user who wants to receive notifications about events.
  • An event is a specific instance of an event type.
  • A notification ties a user to an event.

Object Members[edit]

Event Type[edit]

  • No attributes for now


  • User
  • Event Type
  • Page title (if applicable)
  • Notification settings


  • Timestamp
  • Event type
  • Event variant
  • Agent (user ID)
  • Page title (if applicable)
  • Subscription ID


  • Timestamp
  • Event
  • User
  • Read timestamp