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I was asked about the demographics of no-JavaScript users, and didn't have a great or solid answer ("Corporate intranet users? old-browser users? users avoiding banner ads?"), so I went looking. Here's what I found:

Reasons for disabling JavaScript[edit]

Users may intentionally receive the non-JavaScript version, because:

  • Security
    • For security - (javascript vulnerabilities in browsers)
    • For privacy - (preventing some tracking/advertising systems, usually coupled with disabled-Cookies)
    • Corporate proxy disabled it - (for intranet security)
  • Preference
    • For annoyance prevention - (to prevent things like animations, particularly for users who find these overwhelmingly distracting)
  • Performance
    • For faster site downloading - (less to download (bytes))
    • For faster browser rendering - (less to calculate (complexity))

Users may unintentionally receive the non-JavaScript version, if:

  • They lost connection to the internet midway through the page-load - (especially mobile users, and users with unstable wifi connections)
  • Some JavaScript code throws an exception during initialization, preventing futher code from loading

Methods for disabling JavaScript[edit]

  • NoScript, uMatrix, and similar browser extensions
  • Browser settings (e.g. javascript:enabled option in Firefox)
  • Connection proxy
  • A browser that doesn't support it - (lynx, etc)
  • Developers can use their browser's developer tools to disable JavaScript for specific requests

Tips for developers[edit]

  • MediaWiki has client-js and client-nojs classes that CSS can use to target users based on whether JavaScript is run for them.
  • Use your browser's developer tools to test user interfaces without JavaScript enabled


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