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Esta página es una simple y guiada página para nuevos desarrolladores Wikimedia. Es parte de la iniciativa Onboarding new developers.

Para otras opciones de participación, ver Cómo puedes contribuir .


Participantes de la Wikimedia Hackathon 2019

¿Quieres trabajar en el código de Wikimedia y necesitas ideas por donde empezar?

Wikimedia's la comunidad tecnica siempre da la bienvenida a nuevos contribuidores a nuestros proyectos.

Forme parte de una comunidad global y ayude a que el acceso al conocimiento libre sea más fácil para todos!

Contribuir a Wikimedia es un proceso de cuatro pasos:

  1. Escoge un proyecto de software
  2. Instalado vuestro entorno de desarrollo
  3. Escoge y resuelve una tarea (escribe y prueba tu código)
  4. Envíe sus cambios de código

Algunos aspectos básicos que hay que saber

You can skip this section if you are already used to free and open source software culture.

Wikimedia tiene cientos de proyectos de software en muchas áreas diferentes.Check these slides si quieres tener una visión general.

Los mantenedores de cada proyecto de software son bastante libres de elegir la infraestructura que prefieran. En general, básicamente todos los proyectos de software tienen

  • Un task tracking herramienta en la que se notifican, gestionan y debaten los fallos de los programas informáticos y las solicitudes de mejora.Ejemplos son Wikimedia Phabricator, GitHub, o Sourceforge.
  • a code repository where the source code can be "checked out" to everybody. Examples are Wikimedia Git/Gerrit, GitHub, or Sourceforge.
  • a code review tool where proposed code changes (so-called patches) get discussed and improved. Examples are Wikimedia Git/Gerrit, GitHub, or Sourceforge. Once your proposed patch is good and is merged into the code repository, your code changes will become available to everybody. (You could read more about good practices for code review here.)
  • general places for discussion of the software project and/or for receiving help and support. Those places can be mailing lists or IRC chat channels or wiki pages or other places. The exact places depend on each project. You could also contact specific mentors via "Email this user" on their user pages, but note that "questions asked in private don't help others".

At any point, if you run into problems or need help, please ask. If you want to ask good questions in the right places, we recommend you read the section "Feedback, questions and support".

Escoger un proyecto de software

This is the recommended way to start. Choose one of the following projects and follow the project's documentation to set up your development environment, choose a task to work on, solve the task, and submit your code changes for review:



Una aplicación de escritorio anti-vandalismo para los proyectos Wikimedia



An offline reader for Wikipedia web content

Commons App for Android


Una aplicación para dispositivos Android para subir tus fotos a Wikimedia Commons

Wiki Education Dashboard


A web application that supports Wikipedia education assignments, provides data and course management for instructors and students


ORES highlights problematic edits

A web service and API that provides machine learning as a service for Wikimedia projects. Machine predictions are used to catch vandalism, measure article quality, and support other wiki work.

Library Card platform


A tool allowing Wikimedia contributors to apply for free access to paywalled resources.

Logo Pywikibot


A Python library and collection of scripts that automate work on MediaWiki sites.

Are you a maintainer and want your project to be included in the list of software projects above? Find out more and join!

Outreach programs and single tasks

Apart from the recommended software projects above, there are more ways to choose a project or task to work on:

Logo Outreach Programas

Wikimedia offers internships in programs such as Google Summer of Code and Outreachy.

Logo Good first tasks

There are many single tasks (across many software projects) which are suitable for newcomers.
However, you are more on your own here: We cannot guarantee that mentors are available or that your proposed patches will receive fast reviews.

Looking for additional resources?

  • Wikimedia tutorials: An index of tutorials that feature various languages, APIs, and frameworks in the Wikimedia technology stack.

¿Quieres contribuir con algo más?