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If the usual maintainers of this report are on holiday or suddenly disappear, and you now own the responsibility of preparing the next quarterly report, continue reading.

The next quarterly report will cover activities between October to December 2017. Deadline for the next release is January 1st, 2018. The next quarterly report's home would be New Developers/Quarterly/2018-01 and the previous report would be linked in the Archives section.

First, browse through the previous quarterly report to understand the report sections. Then, follow the instructions below to understand how to prepare content for each part of the report:


This section includes a timeline of all relevant newcomer-focused events, programs, and activities that took place in the previous quarter in chronological order. 

This section is maintained by User:SSethi (WMF).

Key findings[edit]

This section covers all interesting findings from metrics and survey results, and lessons learned from newcomer-focused events, programs and activities that took place in the previous quarter.

This section is maintained by User:SSethi (WMF).

New developers metrics and trends[edit]

This section is maintained by User:AKlapper (WMF)

  • After a Hackathon event has taken place:
    • User:Rfarrand (WMF) decides who to consider newcomers, in a spreadsheet.
    • For newcomers who have not provided a Phab/Gerrit/ username, manually search for their real names in the JSON dump file of the database to potentially find them in our systems, and add the username to the spreadsheet row
    • Someone to put the final 'newcomer attendance' number for an event into the report
    • If a full quarter has passed since that event, check for retention of attendees in that quarter by taking the usernames and email addresses from the "Newcomers" spreadsheet and following phab:T175854#3605693 (construct SQL query, run it, use output to construct search term on, then share that URL)

Survey analysis[edit]

This section includes results from the survey conducted with new developers with a goal of understanding their demographics and background, motivations, challenges and needs. For the next report, new developers who submitted code to Wikimedia projects between September-December 2017 will be the target audience to receive a survey.

This section is maintained by User:SSethi (WMF).

  • Set up a Qualtrics account (follow instructions here). This tool will help you run and analyse survey responses.
  • One month before the calendar quarter ends, ask User:AKlapper (WMF) to provide email addresses of last three months' newcomers listed on C_Gerrit_Demo:
    • Export the list of new authors into a CSV file newAuthorsFile.csv; then remove all columns except for the usernames so there is one username per line
    • Import the database JSON file into a local MariaDB database via the Sortinghat command sortinghat load data.json
    • Get the email addresses:
while read -r LINE; do
  mysql -h localhost -u root -e " USE databaseName; SELECT email FROM identities WHERE source='gerrit' AND username='$LINE';" >> newAuthorsEmailAddresses.txt
done < newAuthorsFile.csv
  • Ensure that the Developer Relations team agree on the list of newcomers reflected in the metrics and events organized
  • Send the survey to the newcomers via email (see example email). Do not forget to include the link to the survey privacy statement
  • Send a reminder to unfinished respondents a week after piloting the survey. Look for unfinished respondents in the "Distributions/Emails" section of the Qualtrics tool.

When you are done publishing the report, communicate in the following venues: