Mw.wikibase.entity.lua bug fix instructions

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Lua executing entity = mw.wikibase.getEntity() or entity = mw.wikibase.getEntityObject() caused problems with a big error message that says Lua error in mw.wikibase.entity.lua at line ???: The entity data must be a table obtained via mw.wikibase.getEntityObject and the page sometimes was added to Category:Pages with script errors (or a localized equivalent). This has now been fixed so we don't get new errors, but all affected pages still need to be fixed.

To do this, you can do any one of the following things to: (1) all pages in your localized "Pages with script errors" category and its technical subcategories, if any; and also (2) all pages you find when you search for mw.wikibase.entity.lua (because not all affected pages are in the error category!) in all namespaces: