MoodBar/Ideas log

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This is the idea log for MoodBar.

  • Disabling the feature
    • It's not clear how I can re-enable the feature after clicking on the "I'm not interested" link. Can we think of some unobtrusive way to signal what happens on clicking this link?
  • Saliency
    • My feeling is that the link will be totally invisible to the majority of new users. Trying to put myself in a newbie's shoes, I counted roughly 30 GUI/navigational links that appear when I log in. When I click on the edit tab link, a 31st link appears but my attention is entirely drawn to the edit form, where I expect to focus after clicking on the edit link. I then go on editing the page, save it, check the result of my edit and browse away. The "feedback about editing link" has been outside the focus of my attention during the entire edit process. It's now sticking in the header but it'll be disconnected from the specific transaction I just completed. I assume new editors will become aware of its existence after a few edits and at that point they may realize that they can use it to provide feedback. If we want to make the moodbar transaction-centric we should probably rethink where/how we display it.
  • Documentation
    • The documentation of these features partly lives on, partly on enwiki. Shall we use New_Editor_Engagement as an umbrella page where users can find the rationale and high level development plans for all -1 to 100 features? Or should this page live on Wikipedia's project namespace instead?
  • User interaction
    • The textarea should be disabled or collapsed until one of the mood types is clicked, it's currently very hard to understand that the mood type is mandatory.
  • Style guidelines
    • The tooltip should be probably styled in the same way as the AFT tooltips
    • We should standardize the appearance of these three links across all -1 to 100 features:
      • the what's this link reveals text on MoodBar but points to another page on WikiLove and AFT
      • the disable this link only appears in MoodBar and uses cookies; it's available on AFT but invisible in the GUI and implemented as a user pref
      • the close this link is an icon on WikiLove, a text link on MoodBar, is not available on AFT 4, and is a different icon on AFT 5
  • Email notification
    • If the user has a registered email address, add an option to receive a copy of the feedback sent with its permanent URL (e.g. [x] cc me). This will allow new editors who do not come back to WP after their first post to keep track of their request by mail, whether or not someone responded
  • Email registrations
    • We need to measure how many users register AND confirm an email address when invited to do so via MoodBar and compare that to the number of users who register and confirm and email address as part of the account creation process. The email capture data is currently stored in a way that doesn't allow us to track the source of the invitation and I expect in the future we may have several features that invite users to fill in their email address.
  • Make Special:FeedbackDashboard transcludable
    • This will allow more flexible inclusion in other contexts (parametrized with # of comments and maybe more)
  • Include Teahouse link in Moodbar
    • Moodbar is geared at helping out very new editors with particular editing questions. But most editors will continue to have questions and challenges, and these questions can arise when they are not currently editing a page. And some questions may complex and require extended responses or more interactive follow-up. Teahouse is a space for new editors to ask any kind of question, at any time, and get in-depth answers. Teahouse also exposes new editors to the community in a friendly and engaging way, making the editing process feel less solitary. Putting a link to Teahouse in Moodbar would be a great way to introduce new editors to that space, and give them a more permanent place to go for help in the future.