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このモジュールは、Module:Message box 向けの設定データを含んでいます。


オプション 説明
types A table containing data used by the type parameter of the message box. The table keys are the values that can be passed to the type parameter, and the table values are tables containing the class and the image used by that type.
default The type to use if no value was passed to the type parameter, or if an invalid value was specified.
showInvalidTypeError Whether to show an error if the value passed to the type parameter was invalid.
allowBlankParams Usually blank values are stripped from parameters passed to the module. However, whitespace is preserved for the parameters included in the allowBlankParams table.
allowSmall Whether a small version of the message box can be produced with |small=1.
smallParam A custom value for the |small= parameter. For example, if set to "left" you can produce a small message box using |small=left.
smallClass The class to use for small message boxes.
substCheck Whether to perform a subst check or not.
classes An array of classes to use with the message box.
imageEmptyCell Whether to use an empty ‎<td>...‎</td> cell if there is no image set. This is used to preserve spacing for message boxes with a width of less than 100% of the screen.
imageEmptyCellStyle Whether empty image cells should be styled.
imageCheckBlank Whether |image=blank results in no image being displayed.
imageSmallSize Usually, images used in small message boxes are set to 30x30px. This sets a custom size.
imageCellDiv Whether to enclose the image in a ‎<div> enforcing a maximum image size.
useCollapsibleTextFields Whether to use text fields that can be collapsed, i.e. "issue", "fix", "talk", etc. Currently only used in {{ambox}}.
imageRightNone Whether |imageright=none results in no image being displayed on the right-hand side of the message box.
sectionDefault The default name for the |section= parameter. useCollapsibleTextFields に依存します。
allowMainspaceCategories Allow categorisation in the main namespace.
templateCategory The name of a category to be placed on the template page.
templateCategoryRequireName Whether the |name= parameter is required to display the template category.
templateErrorCategory The name of the error category to be used on the template page.
templateErrorParamsToCheck An array of parameter names to check. If any are absent, the templateErrorCategory is applied to the template page.