Mobile i18n/Android

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Initial Building[edit]

Rough Estimate: ~8 hours

  1. Checkout and build the current AOSP Keyboard (~6 hours) YesY Done
  2. Have Jenkins build the keyboard from our repo (~2 hours, requires hashar)

Language Engine[edit]

Rough Estimate: ~20 hours

  1. Port the core transliteration engine from jquery.ime to Java (~4 hours) YesY Done
  2. Write a small script that converts the JS keymap data into a form that Java can use (~8 hours) YesY Done
  3. Write a small script that converts the JS tests into Java (~8 hours) YesY Done

Integrating Language Engine into The Keyboard[edit]

Rough estimate: ~30 hours

  1. Integrate the transliteration library into the current IME, regardless of language YesY Done
  2. Add preferences to pick secondary languages YesY Done
  3. Implement a quick access language switch button / preference. YesY Done

Other Tasks[edit]

Estimated time - indeterminate.

  1. Testing! (I suppose the Language Engineering team would be able to help with this?)
  2. More testing! (Because multiple versions of Android exist!)